Prostatitis do not sleep: how to persuade a man to go to the doctor

Every 3rd male, according to medical statistics, faces the problem of chronic prostatitis. Problems with men’s health are increasingly appearing in young men aged 25 to 50 years: the impact of bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, and neglect of protective contraceptives. However, even such a serious problem. As a threat to male health, not for every man is the timely treatment to the doctor. Therefore, to help their beloved men can come their women, if you want to be useful in this serious matter.

How to understand that your men problems with the prostate gland

The inflammatory process in the prostate gland – prostatitis can be acute or chronic. Acute prostatitis occurs less frequently and is manifested by acute pain in the region of the prostate, painful urination, fever and a sharp deterioration of health. The development of chronic prostatitis in most cases the man conceded “by ear”, although he feels pain in the perineum, problems with urination.

In the end, the work of the prostatic gland is disrupted: there is a failure in the exchange of male sex hormones, the failure of biorhythms sexual activity, regulation of urination and semen production. Untreated prostatitis can lead to impotence, infertility, BPH (benign tumors). Sexual dysfunction pulled by a failure in bed, psychological problems. Such a man becomes depressed, restless, may begin to show aggression, including members of his family. At the same time to ask for help, most men are afraid.

Why men are afraid to go to the doctor, especially a urologist and andrologist

Psychologists say that the whole reason in the first place stereotypes: the man is the stronger sex, and the disease for him – a demonstration of their own weakness. Some men, particularly successful, the idea that they “do not iron” even in a head does not come. Especially in the field of men’s health, which according to them “a priori stable”.

Sudden issues with men’s health from these men cause a panic. And to go to the doctor and confirm this fear scares them even more. There is a common type of men who are so infantile that waiting to take to the doctor. To go to the clinic, to talk about their problems, to be examined independently frightens them.

How to get a man to take care of your health and to go to the doctor

Psychologists recommend in any case not to scold the man for what he pulls on a visit to the doctor. On the contrary, it is important to raise self-esteem and remind you how important it is for the whole family and how you and the children worried about his health. If a man is irresponsible towards yourself, then it’s time to encourage him to be responsible is: what will happen if he eventually will end up in the hospital, will not be able to do the work/business/Hobbies/ sports etc.?

Men who are accustomed to count money, try to explain what disease than neglected, the more expensive her treatment. And particularly worried you can scare with a story about how “neighbor” or “the husband of one colleague,” took away “fast” with a stroke yesterday, and for a month he had a headache. No need to threaten and blackmail the man, pointing to his sexual failures and threatening to leave the family, etc. on the Contrary, try to explain how important it is for you health and that you want to help.

Lead your husband by the hand to the doctor or not to is up to you. On the one hand, such a man will never learn to solve their own problems, if it is always led by the hand. But on the other hand, once you live with them, so he has other qualities for which you take it for what it is. Therefore, in this case, you can either take this responsibility on themselves, or wait until it Matures, at the risk of even more start disease.