Pustular diseases of the skin: how to avoid them?

Our skin not only protects the body from external environment, it participates in the processes of respiration, metabolism, thermoregulation, etc. Like other organs, skin is often “sick”. One of the most common skin diseases (dermatoses) are pustular diseases of the skin (pyoderma). Cause they are usually staphylococci or streptococci. But some people jumped on the skin boil is something out of the ordinary, while others, especially in children, pyoderma occur quite often.

Why appear on the skin of suppurative lesions

What is pyoderma, knows not everyone. But the word “boil” or festering pimple” is familiar to all. In fact, pustulous defeats of a skin quite a lot and, depending on the microbes which caused the disease, forms of the disease, etc., the name of each disease are different. But let’s see what factors affect the development of pyoderma, what if appeared on the skin pustular education and how to avoid it.

Below on the smooth area of skin or around hair follicle emerged pustular education, the role of not only himself trapped on the skin microbe. As well as a number of reasons, which alter the protective function of the skin. In children pustular skin lesions occur more often because their skin is more delicate and lipid mantle (natural protective shell skin) is not yet sufficiently Mature. In General contribute to the emergence of pyoderma following factors:

  • Existing diseases – diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, etc.
  • External factors, traumatizing the skin: abrasions, hangnails, cracks that become gateways for infection
  • Work in hazardous industries where the skin is often in contact with engine oils, petroleum products, etc.
  • As hypothermia and overheating from frozen without gloves the hands to the total peremerzaniya in the cold
  • Long-term treatment with medication that suppresses the immune system.

What if appeared on the skin abscess?

If the skin appeared a pustular process: large boils, a strange spot, covered with a crust, the skin is just red, inflamed, swollen, looks, etc., it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. Do not squeeze the purulent content itself: the deletion of such entities taking into account a number of factors must engage a specialist. By yourself you risk to aggravate the condition even more, to contribute more to the spread of infection, injure the skin, etc. Remember that the bacterial lesions of the skin some lotions from herbs not cure. Often pustular skin disease occur with fever, deterioration of General condition.

Treatment of pyoderma will depend on the type of disease: in some cases, the application of local therapy ointments, etc. But sometimes you need to take a course of antibiotics in conjunction with local treatment, physiotherapy, etc. If you notice that the pustules on the skin began to appear more frequently, it is important to consult a physician and endocrinologist. And in the case of recurrent States, the immunologist.

Prevention of pyoderma in adults and children

To avoid pustular skin lesions it is important to observe personal and General hygiene, not to overheat and not to SuperCool, eat well and regularly, strengthen the immune system. Baby skin it is important to pay more attention to use means to protect it, especially in young children who are prone to diaper rash. It is important when you receive trauma to the skin, even the smallest, to handle it. Avoid transition of diseases into a chronic condition, since chronic infection can lead to pustular lesions of the skin.