Quit Smoking without gaining weight: is it possible?

Today, may 31 is world no tobacco day (World No Tobacco Day). Exactly 30 years ago this day was declared by the world health organization (WHO) as the date of the beginning of active struggle in society and medicine with Smoking. Smoking is among the most ambitious of preventable causes of death, besides the more than 25 illnesses provoked by Smoking tobacco. Every day people willingly poison your body, trying unsuccessfully to quit Smoking. One of the reasons why people don’t drop the habit, it’s a fear to gain weight. About how to quit Smoking without gaining weight, will be discussed.

Nicotine and tobacco: any cigarette harmful

To quit Smoking, motivation is important: many smokers, despite appearing cough, yellowing teeth and skin Smoking perishable and do not think to quit. Besides, today’s fashionable electronic cigarettes and vapers advertised on every corner, are supposedly harmless. He’s actually not harmful and the normal tobacco cigarettes, and e, which also contain nicotine that causes addiction, flavors. Smoking immediately tobacco products “rewards” the body of carcinogenic tars and toxic gases.

Dependence on cigarettes is largely psychological. Many smoke because cigarettes help them relax, switch, some just like the taste of tobacco and smell of smoke, and a Cup of coffee in the morning with a cigarette for some even “sacred” ritual. If you are aware of all the dangers of Smoking (and even if not aware of), but you want to throw, it is first important to find the reason why you smoke. Most often, without professional help it is impossible to understand. Quitting Smoking, people trying to replace the cigarettes with candy or other high-calorie food. In the end gaining weight.

Why when quitting a fat

Drug experts say that many avid smokers and coffee drinkers. Such people often instead of a full lunch or Breakfast several times interrupted a Cup of coffee with a cigarette. But if coffee with milk and sugar are not want to the evening. Nicotine can affect the secretion in the body hormone leptin: it is produced in fat cells when ingested food calories and is responsible for the feeling of satiety.

Now, frequent tobacco Smoking increases leptin production, the brain responds to a “cocktail” of nicotine, tobacco and coffee decreased appetite, feeding behavior is disturbed. Smokers who smoke a lot and waste feed do not have problems with excess weight, while not trying to quit Smoking. Once the smoker quit, he begins to eat more foods, overeat and ultimately gain weight.

How to quit Smoking and not gain weight

To cope with this situation without the help of a psychiatrist and a nutritionist can be difficult, a break and again start Smoking. Way – to find a replacement for cigarettes, but not in the food, the more unhealthy calories. Doctors recommend the sport or the physical activity that you like. And to stay on the job in a Smoking team or home will help the advice of the psychologist and the support of loved ones who sincerely wish to help you.

Sports will distract from absorbing empty calories will help reduce weight. And to keep body weight, not only is it important to move actively and/or to train, but also to change your food habits. Nutrition should be balanced in protein, fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrates. After all, harmful TRANS fats and fast carbohydrates, which are rich in sweets, snacks, fast food, polufabrikaty, etc., gives a feeling of satiation, and then again hungry. A fully balanced diet will help to cope with this problem. Also nutritionists advise to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime, go to sleep, so to 23-00 to fall asleep. This will help normalize the production of hormones and avoid from overeating.