Restore hair after winter: tips cosmetologists

Finally, the spring begins and many of us have hid the hat away. However, the prolonged winter has weakened not only our overall immunity, but also affected the condition of the hair. Excessive dryness and brittleness, split ends, missing the natural Shine are the result of effects on the locks of frost, cold air, lack of vitamins and stress. So it’s time to take care of the hair and restore its former beauty.

Nutrition, stress and lack of sleep spoil the hair
Before you start hard to do a hair mask and apply various balms, pay attention to your diet and daily routine. Bad and poor nutrition, chronic stress and lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency, Smoking, alcohol and became chronic diseases (especially digestive organs) and also harm your locks. Skin, nails and hair – the visual markers that honking us about the problems in the body.

Hair needs proteins, unrefined carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids. Therefore, the diet must be lean meats, eggs, fish opposite – oily sea, vegetable oils, nuts, vegetables and fruits, whole grain products. And dairy products (source of calcium, without which the hair becomes less strong) and legumes (sources of zinc, iron and Biotin, are also affecting on the strength and growth of hair).

The life-giving power of essential oils and balms
Modern beauty industry offers many ready-made tools for hair care. Of course, they are convenient to use: bought and paid. Apart from the various conditioners, masks for hair many people forget about beauty oils. Coconut oil, flax, sesame is a great tool for nourishing masks. Such oils are applied to the hair roots for a few hours before shampooing. If the hair is too dry and lifeless, you can apply the oil at night (just put it on a pillow, a pillow case, which is not a pity to spoil). Some sleep in special caps, but then you run the risk of not getting enough sleep. Hair should be thoroughly rinsed after this mask, you may have to use the shampoo 2 or 3 times, otherwise hair will look greasy.

Beauticians advise to use conditioner after washing your hair according to your hair type. This will make it easier to comb hair, gives them Shine and smoothness. Remember that wet hair comb should not be. So you hurt them more. And comb hair from ends to roots – at least dry, though still slightly important. After rinsing the hair, for which you can apply the decoction of nettle, sage and chamomile, you can apply some oil to the hair ends.

Be careful with termoklima and Hairdryer
To spoil the already weakened during the winter hair can improper drying, excessive irons or Curling irons. It is important to use this model dryer by regulating the temperature and air flow rate. Too long drying of the hair dryer (to dry hair) and the high selected temperature damage the hair structure. The result is dull, brittle hair, split ends and irritated skin on the head.

Distance from hair dryer to hair must be at least 20 cm And if you are in a hurry and need to dry hair fast, it is better to choose a larger air flow rate, but a lower temperature. If you use Curling irons or irons for straightening hair, do not forget about using protection: sprays, creams or oils.


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