Scientists: Cellulite is a sign of health

“Orange peel” from the point of view of modern aesthetic standards is perceived as a deformity, and millions of women suffer from the presence of cellulite, and spend a lot of manpower and resources to fight it. However, according to scientists, the presence of a small amount of cellulite, we only need to rejoice, because this may indicate a good condition of important functional systems of the body.

In particular, the American scientists expressed that moderate cellulite is a Testament to the teamwork of the brain and hormonal system of women.

Earlier doctors said that the leading factor in the appearance of cellulite are hormones, whose activity is connected with ionoobmen in the body. According to the researchers from the United States, normal and balanced functioning of the hormonal system provides the woman’s body fat, which is necessary to maintain important processes in it – therefore, cellulite is inevitable for the fairer sex. Its presence in certain quantity should be perceived positively, doctors stress.

“Cellulite is a symptom of normal brain function and the hormonal system. Fat cells, it ensure the supply of fatty acids, activates the brain. In addition, it is a sign sufficient production of sex hormones: women with cellulite is easier to carry and give birth to a child,” he told the doctors at the University of Pittsburgh.

At the same time, doctors are urged not to forget the sense of proportion: the excess of cellulite, and fat mass on the body, not only can harm sexuality and appearance, but often indicates the malfunction of hormone production, according to the Healthy-info with a link to Magicforum.

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