Sensitive skin: diagnosis or special?

Some people with the onset of summer start to bother skin irritation. Redness, rashes, inflamed areas of skin or on the contrary – peeling and burning of the skin are not necessarily symptoms of allergies or any skin disease. Just you have sensitive skin, which at the slightest change of temperature, makeup or care products for skin, sunlight etc so responsive. With such problems in most cases, face fair-skinned people with dry skin type.

Why do some people have too sensitive skin

The owners of sensitive skin when exposed to wind or sun, heat, humidity, etc notice just 5-10 minutes burning and irritation, tingling, itching, swelling or redness. Most often this reaction is sensitive skin to any stimulus appears on the face, neck, neckline, buttocks. Sensitive skin can be from birth, and under the influence of certain factors.

For example, hormonal disturbances, frequent stress, protoplanet, tendency to allergic reactions can cause increased sensitivity of the skin. Besides, contribute to the excessive irritability of the skin improper care of her and also the excessive variety of cleansing – peelings, mechanical and thermal treatments, etc. is Irrational and improper diet can also cause excessive sensitivity of the skin.

How to reduce excessive skin sensitivity

If the cause is hypersensitivity of the skin caused by hormonal changes or chronic diseases, to rectify the situation will help only a specialist. Here you will need a comprehensive examination by a physician, endocrinologist, gynecologist. To help the skin less responsive to various stimuli, can you do: pay attention to your diet. Alcohol, coffee, strong tea, “soda”, chocolate increase the nervous excitability, which in turn leads to various reactions on the skin.

Particularly negative effect on any skin and especially in sensitive, non-Smoking. It is important to avoid quarrels, fatigue or time to get rid of stress, not accumulate negative emotions. The sharp drop in temperature also have a negative effect on sensitive skin, so try to avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear sunscreen.

How to properly care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin, like any other, needs care. It is important to choose the right tools so as not to cause more serious inflammatory reactions or excessive dryness of the skin. Thermal or contrast treatments, lotions containing alcohol, retinoids and glycolic acid for sensitive skin is not recommended. Better not to do experiments, risking to harm the skin even more, and seek assistance from a dermatologist and cosmetologist: the specialists will develop for you the individual program of skin care.

Perhaps you should use a soft cleansing means only in the evening. And the morning cleanser can do without detergents. Hot or cold water can further exacerbate the reaction, so it is better to wash with warm or room water (18-25 degrees). For sensitive dry skin in hot weather hydration is important not only in the morning, but during the day and use the funds from the UV components. For sensitive and oily skin daily care products, on the contrary, can cause additional oiliness.