Spring childhood diseases: how to maintain the health of the baby

To insure the baby is fully against childhood diseases is impossible. With the onset of spring the kids are increasingly ill-defined ailments. So parents, it is important to know not only seasonal children’s diseases “in person”, but and measures of prevention of such diseases.

Colds and allergies – bad “satellites” spring

Children suffer from colds more often adults. After a long winter of the nervous and the immune system of kids is weakened and the body’s defenses can not cope before the attack of viruses. SARS and influenza, and otitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis (sore throat – the acute form of the disease) and other diseases of ENT-organs attack the kids not only in the cold season, but with the onset of heat.

Also, the spring and the coming summer – time, seasonal pollinosis, allergic reactions to pollen. Allergy parents are often confused with the common cold, however for allergic reaction increase the temperature of the body is not observed. Also in the springtime allergic reactions and infection contribute to the exacerbation of asthma. Therefore, parents of children with allergies and asthmatics, it is crucial to show the child the expert, the doctor helped pick up individual prophylaxis of the disease.

Be careful, food poisoning and fatigue

In the warmer months children begin to ache intestinal infections. Therefore, eat products, personal hygiene and heat treatment of food should receive more attention. As a skin care because with the onset of heat aktiviziruyutsya insects, often biting it kids. Also in the spring the baby more contact with the external environment, plants, animals and the risk of catching a skin disease increases.

Another important factor that significantly affects the health of children – the so-called syndrome of the third quarter. Most often this condition affects elementary school students. Despite the holidays, small children are weakened early awakenings, stress in school and after-school clubs, emotional turmoil, lack of sun and vitamins. Therefore, children feel tired, his body systems are weakened.

Spring prevention of childhood diseases

Following these simple rules, you can protect the baby from spring diseases. Particular emphasis is on the child’s diet: he not only needs proteins but also fruits, vegetables, dairy products (of course the food must be age appropriate). Consult with your pediatrician which vitamin complex or allowable fruits and herbs (rose hips, Echinacea, etc.) is acceptable to give the baby to strengthen his immunity. Spring – time to spend more time with your child outdoors. But do not forget about hypothermia and overheating of the baby. Prevention of SARS, the strengthening of the immunity should also apply to other family members.

Also don’t forget about the “Golden rule” wash hands before eating, after the street and the toilet. Do not buy products in the spontaneous markets, do not let children under 3 years of early vegetables, carefully heat-treat the meat, wash vegetables, fruits, herbs. Try in the period of mass flowering plants in less time with the child outside the city often do wet cleaning at home, do not allow dust accumulation. At the same time the correct organization of active leisure, rest from the city noise, gadgets, adherence of the day and adequate sleep will help the child feel better, and his body to better fight infection.