Stomach pain in a child: what to do for acute gastritis?

Often “self-indulgence” sweet soda or French fries ends for children acute gastritis. Acute gastritis is a sharp inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which can be caused by constant malnutrition of the baby, infection, drugs, etc. That is, the mucous membrane of the body responds to the irritant trapped in the stomach. Therefore, the recommendations of pediatricians to feed the child according to his age and avoid junk food – not an empty phrase. Not to mention those cases, when parents ignore the elementary rules of hygiene or self-medicate children.

What can cause acute gastritis in children

There are 2 main reasons that provoke the development of acute gastritis in a child: is exogenous (i.e. external) factors and endogenous (internal) factors. Myself acute gastritis can also be an acute primary, caused by any external factor or acute secondary, as the complication of severe infection or chronic illness. External factors of acute gastritis are:

  • improper and poor nutrition. It’s spicy, fatty, fried and smoked foods, frequent consumption of carbonated drinks, dry food – snacks sandwiches, etc. instead of a full meal. Especially unacceptable are “experiments” for children up to 3 years
  • uncontrolled usage of drugs
  • food poisoning
  • the poor quality food.

Internal provocateurs of acute gastritis in children is an acute infectious disease (staph, etc.), acute renal failure.

What happens in acute gastritis: the symptoms of the disease

Unsuitable for baby food or substandard products, which he often eats, irritate the gastric mucosa. Normal processes of digestion and excretion of the enzymes that enter into the composition of gastric juice and help digest food, are violated. If the food poisoning from food or dirty hands gets into the stomach is the causative agent of infection is the same staph or Salmonella, then the inflammatory process is caused by bacteria. Depending on the causes and manifestations of acute gastritis the symptoms may vary slightly. But, nevertheless, the common signs of acute gastritis the same, it’s:

  • a feeling of sickness, nausea until vomiting, food refusal, pain and feeling of heaviness in the stomach. The child becomes restless
  • chills, fever
  • pale skin, white-yellow coating on the tongue, bloating and flatulence, abdominal pain when you touch to it
  • possible diarrhea.

With food infections or poisoning the symptoms of acute gastritis are the same, just the diarrhea at the child can be lengthy. And with frequent vomiting can become dehydrated.

What is important to know for parents: treatment and prevention of gastritis in children

When the above mentioned symptoms of the child is urgently necessary to show the pediatrician and gastroenterologist. If acute gastritis is caused by infection, you may need hospital treatment. It is important that the child remained in bed the first 2-3 days of illness, and the physician will prescribe a diet to strictly adhere to which will have not less than 1-2 weeks. Initially the baby needs a lot and often drink small portions: the doctor may recommend tea, water, sometimes assigned an isotonic solution of glucose. In the first 12 hours of the disease do not attempt to feed the child. Then you can give a small amount of pureed soup, low-fat broth, porridge, jelly etc.

Also strictly follow the dosage and time the medication is prescribed by your doctor. So your kid is not sick with gastritis in General, organize the diet of the child in accordance with his age and avoid harmful products. Do not overfeed the child, encourage his desire to eat foods with preservatives, excess salt, fatty, fried and spicy food. Children should eat not only a qualitatively, but also in time: it is unacceptable not to give a child a Breakfast or lunch substitute for chocolate or chips! Also follow the hygiene of the child: wash hands after using the toilet, before eating and after using the streets for sure!