Summer childhood diseases: how to protect the baby?

In summer, children and their parents face a number of troubles. Ripe strawberries or collecting wildflowers ends allergic reaction, unwashed fruit or the hands of the “AUCA” diarrhea and vomiting, and cold ice cream angina. To abandon the many pleasures of summer is not worth it, it is important to remember, what dangers can trap the kid, to know and follow preventive measures.

Allergies, hay fever and dermatitis

Children’s skin more delicate and susceptible to external stimuli than an adult. In addition, children’s weaker immune system, especially in children up to 3 years. But a number of situations because of which the baby having these or other problems, it creates adult. For example, giving the child products that are not appropriate to their age and cause the baby allergic reaction, waving, saying “overgrow”. The same – with respect to seasonal hay fever, allergies to pollen. If your child is allergic to plants, it is important during flowering to minimize the baby’s contact with allergens, hygiene in the room, making wet cleaning, to follow the diet. Parents sometimes confuse allergies with a cold, but allergies do not experience the temperature increase. Untreated allergies can lead to asthma, so the kid predisposed to Allergy, it is important to show the immunologist and allergist.

Dermatitis – inflammatory reaction in the skin can occur under the influence of a number of factors: the food (the most known allergens – strawberries, currants, raspberries), as well as strengthen the response can chocolate, eggs, sausage, foods with food dyes. Also in the summer kids can worry about the sweating sickness – especially babies, in the groin and on the buttocks under the diapers, insect bites, which kids comb, and enter into the wound infection. So do not forget about careful hygiene, children, clothing made from natural fabrics, mosquito nets and repellents, as well as nutrition according to age.

Disease of dirty hands and helminthiasis

Summer is a great risk of catching the infection through dirty hands, food poisoning or acute intestinal disease is a result of eating raw and stale food, lack of hygiene, both children and adults. Therefore, in the heat of summer rule # 1 should be a mandatory hand washing after streets, visiting the toilet and before eating. Going for a walk with your child, stock up on wet wipes, antibacterial spray for hands, etc. and of course carefully wash fruits and vegetables before eating, well thermally process the food and properly store perishable foods.

Also in the summer the kids are more in contact with nature, plants, playing in the sand and love to lie on the grass. Remember that contact with animals – even out on the stroll pet dogs or cats can result in infection with helminths (worms). remember rule # 1 – clean your hands. Eggs of helminths, the parasites, and various microbes can be in soil, in sand, in water, etc., so remember rule # 1 – clean your hands.

Summer sore throats, ear infections and other “cold”

Strong the baby’s immunity helps protect him from infectious diseases, including catarrhal nature. If the child has a protracted SARS, constantly inflamed tonsils, he does not get out of colds, any hypothermia, cold drinks or ice cream can result in a sore throat, runny nose, cough and sore throat.

It is crucial to treat all emerging diseases at the kid to keep his food was full, when it is necessary to give vitamin complexes. And in hot weather with care to give children cold drinks and ice cream, and also to observe the mode of bathing, so baby doesn’t get hypothermic in the water and not overheated in the sun. Since the heat also weakens the body’s defenses, and hypothermia.