Summer depression is an imaginary disease? What psychologists say

Outside the summer, ahead of the vacation, but you don’t get pleasure out of life… is that possible? Perhaps if you have summer depression. Experts believe that the main causes of summer depression is biological in nature. However, apathy and depression in the summer can result in experienced stress.

Why summer may experience depression and apathy

Many people with the arrival of summer feel oppressed. It would seem all around happy, swimming and sunbathing, having fun – why are you so bad? And the feeling that you have a good time, because on the street summer, exacerbates depression.

There is such a thing as seasonal affective disorder (sad). In most cases, SAR is shown with the onset of the cold season. However, many people begin to suffer depression with the arrival of the hot season. Psychologists say that change of the time of year, regardless of season, often causing depression. Doctors associated it with the arrival of the heat and increased humidity. The main symptoms of summer depression are:

  • sleep disorders, insomnia
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • anxiety.

What factors contribute to the development of summer depression

In addition to climate change and weather, the development of summer depression contributes to a number of other factors:

  • a change of lifestyle. A schedule in which you lived in the period from autumn to spring, change in summer: holidays with children and the need to organize their leisure time, their own vacation, which entail violations of working hours, day regimen, nutrition, etc., cause stress. Psychologists believe that a stressful situation such a plan is a weighty contribution to the development of summer depression
  • dissatisfaction with their appearance. Summer time sundresses, light shirts, shorts, trunks and swimwear. But not everyone is happy with their appearance, and the contemplation of people from sports figures to open clothing, according to psychologists, some are dissatisfied with their body drives people into a state of depression. In the end people avoid relaxing on the beach or by the pool, picnic in the countryside, hiding out at home
  • the financial costs. The upcoming vacation, sending kids to summer camp, visit summer attractions, activities, etc. require additional expenses. Experiences associated with the financial side, also contribute to the development of summer depression
  • heat and high temperature. For those who can not tolerate heat, summer – test not easy. The scorching sun does not allow these people to go out in the afternoon, and high humidity makes the evening walk not so pleasant. Many abandon the usual diet, as cooking in this heat and be in the kitchen becomes a real problem. Not all apartments are air-conditioned, so for those who can’t stand the heat, summer is a time of melancholy and depression.

How to overcome summer depression: advice of psychologists

Three months of apathy and suffering can develop into acute depression, which in the fall will worsen. Symptoms of depression can disappear. And its impact on you, your family and your health still, psychologists say. So take care of yourself:

  • please contact your doctor. It’s not scary and not ashamed. To help to overcome apathy and depression help the therapist and a psychologist. You may need vitamins, herbal remedies or a change in the mode of day and feed
  • make a plan of action for the summer. Enroll your child in camp, and his plan vacation: well, if you are able to enjoy each other. And during a holiday mind your own physical and mental health, not harvesting fruit and vegetables home preservation for the winter. Think about what best to do in what month, write a list and try to follow it
  • a full night’s sleep and rest. Longest day and night is good, but the body needs to recover
  • don’t drop the sport. Heat is not a reason to abandon physical activity one can do in the mornings and evenings, change of activity etc. the Sport helps you to break negative emotions and to survive the depression
  • fully and rationally eat. The desire to get into your favorite fancy dress at all costs may result in a nervous breakdown. It is better to eat small portions, eat less fat and fast carbs and be active
  • love and protect yourself. You don’t have to pull on all the family traditions and responsibilities, divide the powers. If you don’t want a traditional fees in the country or a trip to the sea – ask other family members to hold family gatherings at home, and instead of the sea you can visit the mountains.