Summer skin care: face maximum hydration

In hot season oily skin and its texture may change. The skin type of the person is not changing due to seasonality, but the high humidity and temperature affect the density of sebaceous secretion, contribute to the contraction or expansion of the pores, etc. to Worsen the condition of skin can effects of air conditioning, dust, UV radiation, heat etc. Therefore, the summer skin care facial is different from winter.

What summer factors negatively affect the skin
In the summer the main enemy of the skin becomes the sun. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays is a risk of burns, dermatitis, an allergic reaction. If you are often in the sun, in addition to burns risk to make unwanted pigmentation. The sun’s rays cause photoaging of the skin: this process is manifested by the appearance of deep wrinkles, spider veins on the face, roughness of the skin and reduce its elasticity.

High doses of UV radiation provoke increased contraction of fibroblasts, connective tissue cells of the skin, which affect the amount of the collagen. This protein is indispensable and is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, so – young and attractive appearance. The longer you stay in the sun without protective equipment, and also do not use moisturizer and/or improperly clean the skin, the faster the atrophy of the cells, losing the ability to produce collagen.

What features of summer skin care
The main principle of summer care for skin is its cleansing and moisturizing. Clean the dust and remove the Shine will help tonic, lotion or milk depending on your skin type, you should use at least twice a day. It is also important to monitor the drinking regime, because in the summer the body’s need for fluid is increased. The best drink is pure water and green tea. In the summer I wish a greater emphasis on hydration: well established in this area means with aloe juice, vitamin E, green tea.

If the skin is dry, the natural oils used during the second half of the day will not only moisturize, but also nourish it. For oily skin natural oils can further enhance Shine, sebum and cause blockage of skin pores. Natural oils ready creams can come with oily skin. When choosing products, pay attention to its structure: hoduski and synthetic dyes increase the shelf life means, but why do you need synthetic? It is better to have a couple of the more expensive creams with the most natural ingredients and a small shelf life, and then buy more than buy ten cheap products containing a lot of “chemistry”.

What procedures you can and cannot do in the summer



Beauticians recommend that in the hot season to only do superficial peeling of the skin and to avoid the procedure of dermabrasion with a deep layer of the skin resurfacing. Also in hot Sunny weather it is not recommended to do mechanical cleaning of the face, it is better to give preference to the ultrasonic procedure. Even cosmetologists are not advised in the summer to remove moles, warts, to make a photoepilation and photorejuvenation. Salon treatments skin care should be focused on nutrition and hydration (mesotherapy, biorevitalization).

To avoid pigmentation of the skin, it is important to choose the right cosmetics, in time to get rid of stress and strengthen the immune system to get sick less. Don’t forget to use sunscreen for the skin, even if you are going to work or the shops and have some time to spend in the open sun. And, of course, important for the skin eat a healthy diet that the body not be deficient in vitamins.


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