Summer skin diseases: how to avoid Allergy or heat rash?

In the hot season there is a lot of skin problems. Excess moisture and heat causes prickly heat, insect bites, allergic reactions, and excessive sun exposure, fungal diseases of the skin. The minimum of clothes, beaches, contact with different surfaces on which heat accumulates in many organisms predisposes to various skin problems. To avoid summer skin diseases, it is important, as the saying goes, “know your enemy”.

Why in summer it is easier to “hook up” fungus

Particularly in summer, increases the risk of “catching” the fungus of the skin: most of all contributes to the spread of fungal infection moist environment. Often a fungal infection on the foot occurs in diabetic patients, problems with the blood vessels, people whose work involves heavy physical exertion. Also easy to catch the fungus if you walk barefoot with wet feet on the sand or in the pool. Therefore, dermatologists recommend that you carefully RUB your feet with a towel after bathing and in the pool after swimming to put on rubber Slippers.

If the human body already has any fungal infection – thrush (even hidden), hidden form of mycosis of the nails or feet, prolonged exposure to the sun and excessive tanning can cause rapid development of fungal infection. It is therefore important to monitor the hygiene of the feet, to wash them thoroughly and dry after returning from the street, wear comfortable shoes that are well ventilated, do not wear synthetic socks. Also do not be carried away by fire in the period from 11 to 16 hours a day.

Summer dermatitis: diaper rash, allergies and other “charms”

Summer under the influence of the sun, heat, bacteria, and other factors often have dermatitis inflammation of the skin. To show dermatitis can age spots, redness and inflammation of the skin, peeling, etc. Dermatitis allergies can be caused by a reaction to blooming grass or plants, and seasonal berries or fruit (especially strawberries). It is therefore important not only to avoid contact with allergens, but also the tendency to dermatitis diet. Products that can intensify symptoms of pruritus, rash, inflammation, eggs, sausages, berries, spices, chocolate, etc., should be excluded.

Also in the hot season under the influence of sweat and high temperatures appears miliaria – small bubble rash. Often prickly heat bothers young children, appearing in inguinal and gluteal folds under the nappy. Also the sweating sickness “loves” dream high humidity – armpits, neck, elbow, etc. to avoid heat rash. You should carefully follow the personal hygiene, wearing underwear made of natural fabrics, problem areas to be treated with baby powder or talc. If the sweat is not more than a few days, the skin becomes inflamed even more, then you need to go to the dermatologist to not have joined secondary infection.

Prevention summer skin diseases

As you can see, the main factors of the summer skin diseases is poor cleanliness, excessive sun exposure, allergens, excessive sweating. It is therefore important to avoid these factors to reduce the risk of skin summer diseases. Amplify inflammatory processes in the skin may also some essential oils included in the perfumes or cosmetic products.

Therefore, when problematic skin like dry, oily, prone to excessive sebum and clogged pores of the skin, to use funds to care for your skin type. And definitely a more thorough approach to cleaning and moisturizing of the skin than the cold time of the year. Do not forget to use sun lotions and special creams, because in the open sun it is easy to burn the skin.