Testicular cancer and reproductive function men

Today male infertility is a common problem that sometimes has a direct relationship with such a dangerous disease like cancer of the testicle. Malignant tumor in the testicle most often in men 20 to 45 years and, besides the obvious risk to life of patient, they quite often leave it barren, even after recovery. So it’s important to identify the disease at an early stage and in time to start fighting for their lives and for the ability to have children in the future.

What causes testicular cancer?

A malignant tumor in the testicle can occur due to the following unfavorable factors:

  • Trauma experienced in the genital area. Are very dangerous blows to the groin and other types of injury received in the accident, playing sports, etc.
  • Late ptosis testicle into the scrotum in childhood. It happens that it gets stuck in the abdomen, in the inguinal canal, that is deformed by pressure from other organs, is unable to develop normally and to carry out its functions. Therefore, it is important to follow the anatomical development of the boy and in time to eliminate such pathology.
  • Bad heredity in this matter. The risk of developing testicular cancer increases if a father or grandfather of the men also had the disease.

The danger is that in the early, often asymptomatic stages of cancer of the testis, it inhibits normal spermatogenesis, which increases the risk of infertility.

How to recognize testicular cancer?

Symptoms of testicular cancer include the following:

  • the increase in size of one testicle;
  • pain in the groin area;
  • the increase of the breast due to hormonal disturbances, they become painful to the touch;
  • deterioration of General health, the appearance of weakness, chronic headaches, weight loss.

Treatment of testicular cancer and infertility

If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, the patient has a high chance for a cure. To do this, the tumor is removed surgically, then it is usually recommended to complete a course of immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, depending on forecasts for each individual patient.

Men often believe that due to the removal of one egg half, they lose their ability to reproduce. However, in this case such fears are unfounded: the testicle is left, will move on the function of the production of testosterone and sperm. But chemotherapy and other types of medical treatment of cancer often have bad impact on sperm motility, which raises the risk of infertility.

If the cancer struck just 2 eggs, a man after their removal will be futile. Therefore, it is important to identify the tumor until it had spread.

Modern technologies allow to freeze the sperm of the patient before removal of the testis and the beginning of chemotherapy treatments. Using this biological material will be possible in the future to try to conceive using in vitro fertilization.

Testicular cancer is perfectly treatable in the early stage of its development. It is therefore important to pay attention to its symptoms in time to seek medical help. You should also avoid injuries of the genital organs. A big responsibility lies with the parents of boys, because because of late descended into the scrotum testicles can be a huge problem in the future: from cancer to infertility. Be aware of yourself and your children!