The attention deficit disorder: you have to deal with the hyperactivity in a child?

Children are active, and are hyperactive. It is with the latter very hard to cope as parents and carers in the garden, teachers at the school. It turns out that the hyperactivity often causes attention deficit disorder. What it is, and whether you need to deal with it?

What are the symptoms of attention deficit?

Children who identify attention deficit disorder have trouble with concentration of the attention, with training, they are very inattentive, overly mobile, naughty. Neurologists argue that the reason for that is the lack of dopamine and noradrenaline certain parts of the brain. It should be understood that such pathology is not a widespread problem. According to statistics of the American Psychiatric Association, attention deficit disorder found in 3-7% of students. We have such statistics, unfortunately, no. But one thing is clear – if your child, in your opinion, is overly active, it does not mean that he had attention deficit disorder. It only means that his behavior should be analyzed and, if possible, to pass the necessary examination.

This files most often about attention deficit disorder begin to speak from 7 years. Usually to worry about is parents who have the child for more than 6 consecutive months does not behave quite adequately in certain situations that interferes with his learning, socialization, relationships in the family.

So, for a child with attention deficit disorder is characterized by such symptoms:

  • Total carelessness. The child is very easily distracted, can not remember anything for a long time, it is difficult to perform school assignments. Often adults think that the child simply does not listen and does not hear.
  • Hyperactivity. Such children excessively, even compulsively gregarious, always fussing, they are extremely difficult to sit still in one place.
  • Impulsivity. The child does not finish the sentence teacher, interlocutor, he does have his opinion, he constantly interrupts, it is very difficult to wait your turn.

Why is there attention deficit disorder?

Simple reason no one will call. But there are several factors that can trigger pathology. These include:

  • Bad heredity. Many scientists believe that attention deficit disorder is of genetic nature.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption to the future mother during pregnancy.
  • Premature birth.
  • Brain injury.
  • Infectious diseases of the brain.

Whether you want to treat attention deficit disorder?

Many believe that this problem child just “grow out of”, so only need to wait. Well, Yes and no. Indeed, adults with attention deficit disorder – is a rarity. But the echoes of pathology will still be present: the person will be difficult to plan, he will have problems with memory, learning achievement, it is unlikely to be successful on the job. In addition, school age child will be very difficult: he will have no real friends, even native people will be very difficult to get along with him. A child with attention deficit it’s hard to love, but it can not affect his later life.

The attention deficit treat a doctor like a neurologist, a psychologist. It’s most effective a complex therapy: medication combined with psychotherapy. In addition, working with a therapist may be necessary, and parents, because they are often very difficult to understand how to deal with a hyperactive child, take it and do stop beating yourself up to bad parenting of his child.

The attention deficit disorder is a disease that requires specific treatment. However, be aware that it occurs not so often as it seems. The main thing is to observe your child’s behavior over a long period of time and to be able adequately to evaluate it. If the problem still exists, you should not delay the visit to a specialist, because without assistance it will be difficult to do as a child and his parents.