Dietology and nutrition

The first berries: how useful strawberries and cherries

Trade with strawberries in full swing, also on the shelves of shops and markets began to appear cherries. What more from the early berry: benefit or harm? Early berries should be properly treated before use to not only reduce the amount of nitrates, which many are afraid, but not to food poisoning bacteria, which are not mytom on any fruit, vegetable or berries. And the benefits of strawberry or cherry is really big, so nutritionists advise to include the spring and berries in your diet.

What are the advantages of strawberry for health

Strawberries are widely used not only in dietetics, but in cosmetology and medicine including. First strawberry product dietary. She, unlike other berries, contains little sucrose per 100 grams of strawberries – 1.1 gram of sucrose. If allergic to strawberries you have and you want to lose weight, the quality of the product for fasting days, you can use strawberries. While the peak season for strawberries, it’s time to replenish the body With vitamin C, which is rich in this berry, strengthen immunity and reduce the effects of stress.

Strawberries will help to work better and the intestines will make the teeth whiter and your skin – fresh. However, in gastritis, peptic ulcer disease go easy on the strawberries is not: the fruit acids contained in the berries, can cause an aggravation of these diseases. Also strawberries are a known allergen, therefore, extreme caution should give this berry children.

Cherries and cherry: use the first “swallows” fruit of the season

Cherries – a “sister” plants, their fruit contains large amounts of vitamins of group B. Therefore, the cherries and cherry is useful for skin, hair and nails, nervous system. Vitamin a, which is also rich in berries, helps to maintain eyesight, strong bones, folic acid and iron – to normalize the blood composition , vitamin C – strengthen blood vessels and support the immune system. The greatest value of cherries is a plant coumarin, a substance that helps to tone the body and strengthen the immune system.

Wishing to strengthen blood vessels, slow down the aging process, cleanse the body of toxins, lose weight, nutritionists suggest not to abandon cherries and cherries. However, when diseases of digestive organs, these berries you should eat with caution. Also remember that overeating any berries, fruits or vegetables can lead to food disorder and cause abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, etc.

Correctly handle the berries before eating

There is a perception that washing the strawberries are optional, besides, washing can spoil the appearance of the berries. However, the strawberries, like any plant product from the market or store, treated with chemical substances to protect the berries from pests. Also on the way from field to your table strawberries can repeatedly take dirty hands, on the berries is a lot of bacteria etc on the cherries with cherries. So washing berries must like running water so they can soak in water for 10-15 minutes to reduce the concentration of nitrates.

In order to avoid poisoning by nitrates, do not buy berries with hands on natural markets: these products are unlikely to have documents proving that the level of chemicals in them does not exceed the norm. To strawberries are not “limp”, it is better to wash together with the peduncles, and then to remove them. To protect the berries from parasites and germs and to maintain their integrity, the fruits are placed in a colander, and then alternately lowered into containers with cold and hot (but not boiling water) water. You can also rinse the berries with a solution of Apple or grape vinegar (1 liter of water – 1 tablespoon vinegar).