The flu is already on the threshold: do I need to be vaccinated?

Every year the flu comes to Ukraine, and this season is no exception. According to the forecasts, we will soon be a new strain of influenza H3N2, which is also called Hong Kong (named for the first outbreak in 2014). In addition, we can expect the arrival of H1N1 influenza, California and Brisbane. It is from these influenza strains and the current vaccine is developed. Do I need to root? If Yes, when and how best to do this?

Influenza and vaccination against this disease: helpful information

It is projected that this year the flu will come to Ukraine in October-November with the onset of cold weather, the incidence of on it possible until may 2018, inclusive. The peculiarity of this year is new for Ukraine strain – H3N2 in Hong Kong. Ukrainians while it has no immunity and therefore is especially dangerous to us. Experts argue that most Hong Kong affects children and the elderly, so they should be vaccinated in the first place. This strain of the flu often leads to such complications as pneumonia, bronchitis, problems with the heart.

Best protects against influenza vaccination. This year, the vaccines that should be available on the territory of Ukraine, will include 3 above-mentioned strains. About immunization from influenza often there are many questions we tried to answer the most relevant of them.

When is the best time to be vaccinated? Optimally vaccinated against influenza before the beginning of the epidemiological season in October. This is because the antibodies are fully formed only after 2-3 weeks after vaccination. Currently, however, Ukraine imported very few flu vaccines, why vaccinated can be one. Doctors say that it makes sense to get vaccinated throughout the epidemiological season, i.e. from October to may, because the access to vaccines, and immunity is formed of 6-12 months. It is advisable to get vaccinated after you this season’s already had the flu, because you may be ill again, but by a different strain of the virus.

Why the vaccine protects from these strains of influenza and not on other? Annually, the world health organization explores which types of flu will be prevalent in a particular region of this epidemiological season. On the basis of these studies recommendations are developed and manufactured vaccines that allows to speak about actual and efficient protection. Therefore, to get vaccinated against influenza each year, as relevant for the region the strains change each season.

Can I get the flu from the vaccination? Doctors say that’s impossible. In vaccines composed of attenuated (inactivated) strains of flu that are safe for humans and is formed in its organism, the immune response, i.e., produce antibodies against the flu. Vaccination does not give absolute guarantee that people will not fall ill to this virus, however, guarantees that the disease would be mild and without complications. If a person fell ill immediately after vaccination, it means that she was already ill at the time of inoculation, and the symptoms manifested in a day or two, as is often the case with SARS and influenza.

Who needs to get vaccinated against the flu in the first place? It is recommended to be vaccinated against influenza to everyone, but there are people who are at risk and need to be vaccinated in the first place. It is health care workers, pregnant women, children, the elderly, patients with chronic illnesses. These categories of persons a high probability to meet with the flu and get his dangerous complications.

Are there any contraindications to influenza vaccination? Contraindications – Allergy to egg yolk, because the vaccine is cultivated inside of chicken eggs. In addition, vaccination is better not to do during an exacerbation of chronic diseases during SARS, when the body is weakened.

What age can I vaccinate against influenza children? Vaccinations can be carried out from 6 months of age of the child.

So, to be vaccinated against influenza. Now the main thing is to be able to buy the necessary vaccine. While in Ukraine this is a real problem, from year to year, the vaccines go on sale in late November, while recommended to be vaccinated in October. I hope this year the situation will change for the better, although time for this is less.