The main mistakes of skin care: tips cosmetologists

Our skin can tell a lot, including about the relation to it. If a person smokes, defective and/or not balanced eats a lot and sleeps little stressed, such a lifestyle will certainly have an affect on the skin, especially the face. However, the condition of the skin largely depends on to care for her. The skin looked younger and more radiant, it is important to avoid common mistakes in skin care, like face, hands, and whole body.

The inconsistency and irregularity of care will not give result
Modern cosmetic industry offers a variety of means on care of a skin. If you want to see what effect this or that cream, gel, etc., then you should use means at least a month. Only then the skin will complete the update cycle and sustainable results will become visible. If you currently use one tool, others tomorrow, and the next day all forgotten to do something, then the corresponding the effect will be. Naturally, any cosmetic preparation prior to use is to test on a small area of skin for 5-10 minutes: if irritation, rash, dryness of tenutos, etc., then tool is not perfect and you can not use it.

Also irregular skin care can negate the efforts of the most experienced esthetician, on their skin need to take care of on a daily basis, devoting at least 10-15 minutes a day, and not from case to case. For comparison – as with sports, if you 6 days a week lying on the couch, take the Elevator, and 1 day I decide to walk 15 minutes, the result could be worse or it might not even be, if you have visited the gym, rode a bike or went to the pool three times a week.

Winter and early spring – gentle cleansing
In winter, under the influence of cold, temperature changes, etc. on the skin destroys the protective natural film. We are even more added hassle, is actively using the shower gel, rubbing the skin rough washcloths and the face hard when cleaning scrubs, foams, etc. the result – the skin becomes drier, blushes and starts to peel off. The period of cold and off-season just moisturizing and nourishing creams weren’t enough, another important time to use beauty oils. However, it is important to choose the right oil and the right to use it in accordance with your skin type, the presence or absence of skin diseases etc.

Of course we all consider ourselves smart and can recite a lot of information in different beauty blogs. But, you are sure that the low pH suitable for your skin type? Or it is now possible to carry out the exfoliation procedure? If you haven’t been to the beautician (or never was), and, moreover, have problem skin, caring for it should start with a visit to a dermatologist. Knowing that your skin is completely healthy, it is important to know its type and features – and on their own do not understand. Knowing all the nuances and knowing which tools you need, what does not, in the future, it is possible to achieve well-groomed and radiant skin through their own efforts. Of course, with regular care.

Interested in the procedures and remember what suits you
Deciding to visit a beautician, interested in the performed procedures, keep track of how often you can do one or the other (even at home), don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you are after the exit from the specialist can’t remember what you did – cleaning, grinding, what means, etc., what acid for peeling was used and so on, to ensure in the future a good result impossible. Each means for skin care or procedure, their purpose, their indications and contraindications and the fact that it was your friend, you might not like it. And Vice versa. If you can’t remember – write down what your skin type, in what sequence to clean the face, what means should be applied to what, etc.