The new method eliminates wrinkles and bags under the eyes

Scientists have developed an invisible elastic film, which can be fixed on the skin cosmetics – wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The idea is that after applying the film merges with the skin, mimicking young skin.

Scientists say that in addition to cosmetic purposes, their development can be used for drug delivery and protection from the sun.

The staff at Harvard medical school and mit have tested this film on volunteers. The tool was applied to the under eye area, on the forearms and legs.

Scientists develop a polysiloxane polymer. It was obtained through the use of the molecules of silicone and oxygen as structural elements. Turned out layer, breathable and protects from external influences. The film keeps in moisture and helps restore elasticity. As shown by tests, with the film skin was more elastic, the wrinkles disappeared. Since the film is not visible, it can be worn all day. Moreover, she fears neither sweat nor rain, according to the Healthy-info with reference to

It should be noted that perfectly care for the skin, the apparatus d’arsonval, and laser therapy.

In addition, this goal also effective different herbal remedies such as Vitaderm, Laura anti-aging cream for the face, Time the expert and others. They increase the ability of skin to regenerate, protects against the harmful effects of the environment, nourish and moisturize the skin.