The secret to a perfect skin Koreans

You know what’s amazing in stores in South Korea? An incredible number of boutiques with cosmetics! “Face Food” – “Food for skin” – so are the names of some of them. In Korea a special relationship to appearance, because physiologically, the Koreans though are aging at a later age, but very quickly. The quality of the skin care depends on the duration of the aging period. For this reason, scientific achievements in the cosmetic industry of the Republic of Korea is recognized around the world.

Koreans are considered the owners of the most well-groomed persons. it is not surprising that Korean cosmetic companies – trendsetters in the development of care products for skin.

The secret to a perfect skin of Korean women is that she fanatically devotes every waking moment to care for her, she even manages to go Jogging with cosmetic mask on face.

If in Europe and America, the process of the facial is to wash-toner-cream, but in Korea – it’s a ritual. Everyday Koreans consists of three stages:

1. Cleansing

This step – speed. Makeup soluble by using hydrophilic oil, which in contact with water, turns into milk. Then with a special mesh foam cleanser to wash off any residual contaminants.

2. Exfoliation

There is even more interesting: Koreans are not limited to the traditional scrub. They are used, for example, silkworm cocoons, which are extremely delicately exfoliate the skin. Popular as salves to cleanse pores and gel scrub bedroll, which, incidentally, the first time it appeared in Asia. More powerful – creams, peels, they should be applied at night. When used regularly, such peels clean even the scars of post-acne.

3. Moisturize

This stage – the key, and Korean manufacturers offer an incredible number of species of moisturizing products. The most popular means are cloth masks. But there are also masks, sprays, indelible masks, lotions, creams, gels, essences, emulsions, toners.
However, the big surprise is not an abundance of textures and components of Korean cosmetic products, such as gold, snail slime, cuttlefish ink (in hair dyes), caviar, snake venom peptides and even horse fat! The latter only once again proves how selflessly Koreans are ready to fight against wrinkles and dull complexion.

Gels, lotions and creams for the face and body with an extract of snails – it’s a hit! Means contain from 70 to 90% snail enzyme rich in collagen. The substance helps to cope with the scars after surgeries and injuries, acne, acne and enlarged pores, reduces inflammation, and more. The most interesting effect of the extract snail slime – visible wrinkles. If the result is an opportunity to buy this miracle of Korean cosmetics, – highly recommend!

It should be noted that great care of facial skin phones D’Arsonval and laser therapy .

In addition, to this end, various herbal medicines are also effective, such as Vitaderm , Laura anti-aging face cream , Time Expertand others. They increase the skin’s ability to regenerate, protect against the harmful effects of the environment, nourish and moisturize the skin.