The tumor in the brain: why meningioma life-threatening

Benign tumors may be no less serious than malignant tumors. One of these complex tumors inside the skull is a meningioma. This tumor begins to grow in the arachnoid or soft shell of the brain and is a fairly common disease.

Risk factors for meningiomas

Meningioma threat, despite its benign nature. Since any tumor in the cranial cavity can grow and compress the brain. What are the main risk factors for the development of meningiomas? According to medical statistics, the tumor develops more often in women than in men aged 40 to 70 years. In women the tumor often develops under the influence of female hormones. However, men of meningioma that often has a malignant character.

Often, brain tumors have a hereditary cause or develop on the background of genetic diseases such as neurofibromatosis. Also, a meningioma can develop in breast cancer. Uveliciti the risk of developing meningiomas can x-ray and radiolucent, head injury, consumption of dietary nitrates.

Symptoms of a brain tumor: how to suspect a meningioma

The tumor grows slowly and a long time in any way itself does not show. One of the first manifestations of meningioma are headaches, which are often localized in the neck, forehead and temples. The pain may be of a different nature – a dull, aching, arching.
The growth of the tumor, other symptoms appear:

  • Weakness in the hands and feet
  • Decrease in vision clarity and visibility of field items
  • Double vision, drooping of the eyelid
  • Sensitivity of certain skin areas on the body
  • Emotional disorders.

More running condition lead to the fact that the growing tumor compresses the brain tissue, causing swelling. As a result, the person suffers from a sharp increase in intracranial pressure, severe headaches, nausea up to vomiting. Such as life-threatening.

Treatment and prevention of meningiomas

Unfortunately, the specific prevention of meningiomas does not exist. The basic principle of prevention of any disease, including tumors – the healthy way of life. To confirm or exclude a meningioma, it is necessary to undergo a series of examinations by an oncologist and a neurosurgeon. Some of the mandatory tests is a computer and magnetic resonance tomography of the brain. For the treatment of meningiomas is used not only surgical removal of the tumor, as well as stereotaxy, radiation therapy, rentgenovskaya. All depends on the location of education and its proximity to important parts of the brain.

Chemotherapy for the treatment of meningiomas benign character is not used. When saviranna the appeal to the specialist and a benign tumor that has not grown into the surrounding tissue, the formation is easier amenable to surgical treatment to achieve complete recovery. Tumor removal may be recommended not always: the specialist may prescribe non-surgical treatment, reparative therapy, further observation of the tumor. In any case, medical attention is necessary, because the earlier diagnosed with the disease, the greater the chances of recovery.