Healthy lifestyle

The way to longevity: how to stay healthy?

Perhaps each of us dreams to live a long life and be healthy. But with age, appear not only wrinkles and gray hair. When a person grows old, his memory worsens, brain activity, increases the risk of disease, etc. Therefore, the habits that form good health, it is important to develop since childhood.

Nutrition is a crucial factor of active aging

A crucial role in slowing down the aging process is played by the foods we eat. This was stated by the famous American nutritionist Susan MPD, noting the right diet as preventive measures to prevent age-related diseases. The sooner you begin to follow your diet, the faster will get the result, stressed the specialist. To slow down the aging process at the cellular level helps products is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. Over the years, the human body becomes more susceptible to oxidative stress – the accumulation of free radicals and inflammatory process at the cellular level.

So Susan MPD recommends to include in their menu the following products:

  • Fish: especially fatty fish varieties, to use at least 2 times a week
  • Fruits and vegetables, preferably brightly colored
  • Whole grains – they help to reduce the level holesterina
  • Beans and legumes – are less calorie alternative to fruit and vegetables
  • Yogurt with probiotics
  • Nuts are not only useful for brain and cardiac activity, as well as contribute to the maintenance of skin elasticity.

Moderation in eating and lots of movement

Nutritionists also note that to significantly increase life expectancy helps reduce caloric intake and moderation in eating. There are plenty of examples of people eating in the opinion of the other “too modest” live longer than others. These people are not obese, they have no problems with the heart and the digestive system is not overloaded.

But one power is not enough – it is important to be physically active. The best and the simplest way to keep yourself in shape for many years – the debts of Hiking. Long marathons or heavy workouts in the gym can result in a whole “bouquet” of problems with the musculoskeletal system and other organs. After all, in order to maintain the muscle tone and the cardiovascular system, you can do Hiking. You can start with small walks for 15-20 minutes, gradually increasing their duration.

An important factor is the emotional state

The topic remember the old joke: “how do you usually relax? – We’re not bothered!”. No wonder they say that all diseases – from nerves. To develop the mind, to learn not to react to life’s troubles and stress – not an easy task. But constant stress cause the development of neurosis and depression, and being in a constant state of suffering does not make us happy and does not add to the youth. Therefore, it is important to find your recipe for getting rid of negativity: dance, yoga, pool, cross stitching, in the end.

If you are shy to share their problems with friends or relatives, or fear of condemnation, it is better to entrust it to the psychologist or psychotherapist: there are not only private, but also public and voluntary social services where such assistance can be obtained for free. Do not put off “until better times” things and things that make us happy and confident: traveling, learning languages, various workshops, visiting exhibitions and galleries. After all, these “best of times”, constantly saving myself, and can’t wait.