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Threat to the health office: going to school right

Soon 1 Sep and caring parents are already rushing to buy their children the best of everything. However, buying an office, how often do you think about the fact that bright covers, markers, etc. can allocate phenol, formaldehyde, styrene and other harmful substances? Paying for school supplies a considerable amount, we do not always buy quality and eco-friendly product. So let’s see what you should pay attention to when buying school supplies, so as not to expose the health of your own child at risk.

What can be dangerous pens, skins, and clay

Ideally, all stationery products must have labels containing information on the composition of the product and its origin. But this is not always the case, and to pay for laboratory examination purchased erasers or book covers parents unlikely. Cause an allergic reaction can be any office products, but the most dangerous to health can be paint – gouache and watercolor, clay, glue, markers and highlighters. Initially, note their color and flavor – they should not be too bright (hurt my eyes) and emit a pungent and strong smell.

If the clay is too sticky, it is better to throw it away. Do not use last year’s clay: using the material many times, the child gets a great breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria. After studying with clay and draw with paints, markers child must wash my hands. Price is an important indicator: bright and cheap stationery can contain in its composition of toxic substances.

Choose the office that will be less to distract the child

In children, and some parents irritating requirement of teachers to acquire a solid notebook Il wrap already bought notebooks with bright covers of the notebook sheet. Actually this is not a whim of the classroom teacher, and the care that the child is less distracted during the learning process and less strained eyes. Note the “inside” notebooks: the paper should be white, but not pure white, slightly rough, and not Losino-glossy, lines should be muted. So, the visual system of the child will be less annoying, and your eyes will not get tired.

When choosing knobs, try to gently convince the child that all the spangles, chains, spraying, etc. to handle the training – not the best option. In addition to the allocation of toxic substances, such small details distract the child, too. Useful for a child are handles with rubber stops for the fingers: so hand less tense when writing and the risk of formation of blister on the middle finger is reduced.

Follow your bad habits and condition of the child

Line, simple, pencils, brushes, patterns in most cases are made of wood and non-toxic. However, if the child has a habit of biting pencils, pens, or other office, the case could end up with malocclusion. And if the child used to chew on pens, or other articles of plastic, then placed in the mouth of various chemicals contained in plastics, can cause allergies and poisoning.

Follow the health of the baby: if it normally rests, getting enough sleep, fully powered, but complained of fatigue, headaches, dizziness, pain in the abdomen, especially after buying and using the new office – remove them from use child. Be sure to show the child’s pediatrician or family doctor if his condition worsened.