To transport the bed patient: how to solve all the issues?

Transportation of bedridden patients to the hospital, medical treatments, or from one country or city to another is a difficult task for his family. And transport for long distances becoming totally surreal, trip delay, the time the patient’s condition deteriorating human, time seems lost and relatives are losing hope. In such cases, it is important to understand what are the consequences of delaying a situation when a person is in urgent need of transportation. And also to know what to look for when choosing a qualified medical taxi.

The families who have bedridden patients

Many families who have relatives who don’t move on their own, experiencing a lot of difficulties. The situation can be very different: for a long period of illness, disability, postoperative period, trauma, etc., when a person is bedridden and needs help. Long stay in a fixed position leads to the deterioration of the underlying disease that causes severe complications that can lead to the development of disability.

In humans, there are problems with the skin, blood vessels, muscle activity, respiratory organs, joints, digestive system and other organs and systems. The situation when a person is forced long time to be in the supine position, is not as simple as it may seem relatives.

Why is the transport of the sick or disabled to do a specialist

Sometimes the desire of relatives likely to raise a person, especially the elderly, which was a long time in bed, ends with a fall and injuries of the sick person – from mild contusions to fractures.In such cases, therefore no special transport and trained medical staff can not do. Same – regarding the situations when you need to transport people with broken bones or serious injuries, transport the patient after a stroke: in these cases, improper transportation of a person even a small distance can cause a sharp deterioration in her health. But for long journeys from country to country. But because from city to city with no conditions at all can lead to fatal human consequences.

Medical taxi: what services does this service?

The usual “soon” is not suited for long hauls heavy bedridden patients and is coming exclusively to cases where there is a threat of life: stroke, heart attack, car crash and the like. Other challenges for the teams of the state emergency medical service are non-core, so if you need to transport a supine patient, in this case you can use the services of a private medical taxi, which will take your relatives not only in Ukraine but and to other countries. Service medical taxi performs:

  • Transporting the sick or disabled
  • Helps, if necessary together with the patient to transport bulky items, the wheelchair, put two or four attendants next to the patient
  • Organizes the meeting or the transportation of the patient to the station or to the airport.

To make the journey down to a patient as comfortable and safe, patients medical taxi provides:

  • specially equipped vehicles,
  • a team of professional, experienced health care workers
  • necessary licenses and permits for the care and transport of critically ill patients.

For the purpose of providing maximum comfort to a person who cannot move on their own, doctors need to confirm the exact diagnosis of the patient, the degree of difficulty status (current complications), initials, and the exact height, weight, age of the patient. Don’t forget to provide the exact address of initial and final transport, the urgency of transportation.