Treacherous than melanoma of the oral cavity?

Informed – is forearmed. In order to stop the disease, the first symptoms or manifestations to contact the relevant doctor. Even the small size of the ulcer or a lump that appeared in his mouth, demanding attention.

They can be the first signs of a very insidious disease – melanoma of the oral cavity. This kind of cancer is relatively rare, but underestimating it is extremely dangerous to life.

What is melanoma of the oral cavity?

Melanoma of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity primary character is extremely rare. Statistics show that of all tumors of malignant character, it is 1-2%. The most frequently melanoma are localized on the gums of the upper jaw or in the sky. If the formation occurred on the lip, increases the risk of metastases. At first, she manifested an ulcer, or education, like a crack or a papilloma.

With the development of the disease the patient begins to suffer a toothache, have swelling, ulcers, bleeding. This type of melanoma is a very rapidly developing and actively metastasizes. In a quarter of cases the metastases are localized in the lymph nodes.

Who is most at risk?

Statistics show that men suffer in 5-7 times more often than women. The main risk group – people aged 60-70 years. The incidence of melanoma of the oral cavity is increased among people under 40 years. After 80летнего age risks are significantly reduced. Rare, but children also suffer.
Predisposing factors of melanoma of the oral cavity:

  • frequent consumption of alcohol, addiction to tobacco is extremely risky – the combination of these two bad habits;
  • sometimes in history there is one injury of a mechanical nature – damage tool mucosa with dental work and even biting of the cheek or tongue;
  • in many cases, the role of harmful production conditions, such as hot plants, a humid environment at a low temperature, etc.;
  • the constant use of very hot food;
  • delays in treatment of teeth, etc.

Doctors noted that in 20-50% of cases before the development of a malignant tumor occur other diseases. They affect the language in 70% of cases and the mucosa of the cheeks in 20% of cases.

Symptoms of melanoma of the oral cavity

The symptoms include the following effects:

  • mole or birthmark starts to change in color and parameters;
  • appears wound in the mucosa, it hurts, itches and bleeds;
  • formed painted smooth spot with irregular contours;
  • apply flat spots which peel;
  • maybe the seal on the skin, accompanied by pain, etc.

If a man discovers on his body, at least one of the symptoms he needs to see a doctor. Time, this disease is extremely important. Melanoma of the oral cavity insidious that is difficult to treat. 5-year survival rate is only 15-20%.