Ultrasound of the scrotum with infertility: why you should not ignore the procedure?

Men to their reproductive system are very sensitive and often do not consent to medical research, this can cause serious problems.

The scrotum is of the testis, their shell, epididymis, seminal canals, hydatid.

In some cases, it is necessary to conduct ultrasound of the scrotum?

Physician surgeon or urologist may prescribe ultrasound examination of the scrotum in certain characteristic symptoms or suspicion. These include:

  • pain in the scrotum;
  • swelling of the testicle, the epididymis or the whole of the scrotum (painful or painless);
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • hypoactive sexual desire.

Important: ultrasonography of the scrotum is necessary for male infertility.

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What diseases are diagnosed by ultrasound of the testicles?

With the help of ultrasound diagnostics the physician is able to detect the following diseases:

  • inflammation of the testicle (orchitis), epididymis (epididymitis), the testis and the epididymis (orchiepididymitis);
  • tumors in the scrotum (seminoma, horionepitelioma, etc.);
  • varicose veins of the spermatic cord (varicocele);
  • various abnormalities in the functioning of the testes, the most frequently diagnosed delay testicle in the abdomen.

Inflammation in the scrotum physician and allow the patient to suspect characteristic symptoms. These include sharp pain, seals, krasnovatoe skin and increased body temperature.

Benign and malignant tumors of the scrotum is characterized by an asymptomatic course for a long time. The only worrying sign is the seal, which can be easily felt. Ultrasound gives the physician the necessary data on education: structure, size, density, nature of the lesion of the lymph nodes that are close.

Varicose veins of the spermatic cord venous blood becomes stagnant in the scrotum. The patient complains of seal, which can occur in the right and in the left part of the scrotum. Sometimes the disease acts as a companion, and indicates the tumor.

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Delays in the development of the testicles often occur with premature babies. Most often, the process itself comes to normal.

How do I prepare for ultrasound of the scrotum?

The only requirement is to give voice to the doctors – hygiene. Extra wish, which remains in solution for men – shave the scrotum and pubic area. If the area is smooth, the patient will be comfortable. And it will be much easier to remove the remaining gel, which is needed to conduct the study.

Important to know: ultrasound of the scrotum is completely painless procedure. Most often it takes 10 to 20 minutes. If you need more detailed information, the study can take a half hour. Book a treatment at the link – ultrasound of the testicles.

No other preparations, in addition to hygiene training is not required. During the examination the patient lies on the couch, takes off clothes, remains in this position for a specified amount of time, waiting for the doctor using the instrument explores the area of the scrotum. Then erase with a tissue gel, dressed and goes to wait for the conclusion, which makes the doctor for the ultrasound.