Unacceptable mistakes in the treatment of acne

Probably every girl in a certain period of my life had to feel on itself all delights of acne on the face. In the pursuit of beauty, we all try ways, get rid of this disease. Forgetting simple things, we make a lot of mistakes.

After reviewing the mountain of tips, tools and recommendations that will contribute to the recovery of the skin, very often it is difficult to make a faultless choice. In the end, we do not understand why there is no desired result.

The fact that there are a number of reasons which can stop the healing process or even stop the acceleration of the desired results. We have compiled TOP most common mistakes in treating acne:

Incorrect use of medicines

The best option is to go for a consultation with a specialized cosmetologists. Even if your treatment is effective, once we forget to take the pill or even stop taking medications after the first indicators of improvement, you reduce the effectiveness of treatment for your illness, and in the end will not get the desired result.

Multiple washing and purification

Leading cosmetic companies advertise their funds to care for the skin, which help combat problem skin. Many women believe that frequent washing and cleansing of the face will accelerate the desired result. It is a mistaken belief, as it is not always the cause of blackheads is contamination of the skin. Often, repeated cleansing of the skin can lead to irritation of vulnerable areas and adding new troubles.

The use of different drugs simultaneously

Often it happens that its course of conduct, we are guided by the erroneous rule “the more the better”, with the hope that a number of drugs used at the same time, will greatly improve the result. Do not be lazy and review the compatibility of the curing ingredients of cosmetics, and best of all, consult a dermatologist regarding compatibility using your money.

Check the composition of cosmetic products

Means with the indication “not clog pores” suitable for skin with acne. Use non-greasy creams on easy basis. If acne and dry skin, avoid using lotions where there is alcohol.

Tan and squeezing pimples

For anybody not a secret that the squeeze acne is strictly prohibited. Try as much as possible to touch the skin in order to hasten the healing process.

What about tanning, acne is less noticeable on tanned skin. But, unfortunately, sunburn provides no benefit. In the use of tablets for the treatment of acne, the skin is twice more sensitive to sunlight, so you need some funds to protect it.