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What diseases cause the rejection of a hat in the cold

In anticipation of winter is not only important to dress warmly, but also to protect from the cold head. Despite the sharp cold, the street is full of people without hats. And flaunt without hats not only pupils or students but also middle-aged people, and those who are over 40. Young people are more careless about their health, as migraines, hair loss or backache in the ears for them seems like something out of science fiction. Older people are frequent colds, headaches, etc. is not always associated with unwillingness to wear a hat. And in vain.

Some ENT diseases arise when the hypothermia of head

Refusal to wear headgear contributes to the hypothermia of the ears and the development of otitis media that can cause the formation in the auditory passages of the boils, eating disorders of the auditory nerve, up to the hearing loss. The ears do not tolerate temperature changes, therefore, the rejection of caps in the first place is dangerous for them. On the head is located not only the auditory passages, which can become inflamed.

Often hypothermia of the ears leads to further spread of the inflammatory process to nearby organs: the tonsils and paranasal sinuses. As a result, the person becomes ill with tonsillitis (acute tonsillitis), pharyngitis (inflammation of the tissues of the pharynx), or sinusitis (inflammation of the maxillary sinus). Hypothermia of the head can provoke meningitis: since freezing weakens the body’s defenses and is available in the ENT organs bacteria and germs can enter in the Dura. Therefore, wear only one trendy fur or knitted headphone enough.

The cold is harmful to blood vessels of the brain and nerves

Fans to walk around without a hat in the cold unable to pay for their habit headaches. Hypothermia affects blood vessels of the brain, so headaches in the future begin to worry more and more. The rejection of headgear or blown hood is warm hats on the head can lead to trigeminal neuralgia.

In this disease paralysis of nerve muscle and half face warps in the literal sense of the word. If after walking without a hat in the cold you felt a headache shooting character – rather, contact your doctor.

From the cold affects hair follicles: take care of your curls!

Cold wind and frost damage the hair structure, constricts blood vessels and impairs blood circulation. In the end, the hair follicles because of this fed much worse. As a result, hair fade, become brittle and lifeless and can even start falling out.

To wear a hat at zero temperature in a strong wind, especially if you have recently recovered from a cold. Also, don’t forget to wear a hat after sauna, sports, swimming in the pool etc. it is Important to explain to children, especially the teenagers that leaving the house in the hat and taking it around the corner, they risk losing their health and even earn a disability.