What is rheumatism of the heart? Who is at risk?

Rheumatism is not only the joints, unfortunately, this disaster may befall the heart. We are talking about inflammation of its walls or of the individual layers, which occurs due to complications from a streptococcal infection (e.g., sore throat). Often occurs mixed lesions of the myocardium and endocardium, although occasionally arthritis may affect any particular station: the heart bag, the muscle walls and valves.

Causes and symptoms of rheumatism of the heart

The causes of rheumatism of the heart are:

  • Complications of suffering a streptococcal infection which can cause diseases such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis and the like.
  • Total tangible decrease in immunity, which the body cannot fight the bacteria.
  • Genetic predisposition to the disease.

So, at risk include people in the family which immediate family suffered from rheumatism of the heart, and those who have low immunity. In addition, respiratory tract infections often affects children, so they too are at risk, and treatment of any infectious diseases should be given much attention.

Symptoms that should make cautious include:

  • Joint pain that is periodic in nature.
  • A significant increase in body temperature.
  • General weakness, poor appetite.
  • Slight pain in region of heart.
  • Palpitations, arrhythmia, tachycardia.
  • Symptoms of heart failure: swelling of the lower extremities, shortness of breath with minimal physical exertion, bruising the tips of the fingers and nose, wet cough.

Treatment and prevention of rheumatism of the heart

The treatment of the disease in the acute stage of the development is carried out in a hospital. The patient will require treatment with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, constant monitoring. Rheumatism of the heart may acquire acute or prolonged forms. Treatment of acute rheumatism of the heart lasts about a month. If the disease is difficult to treat or is discovered later, it becomes protracted. Then the patient can be treated for less than a year and sometimes 2 years, with the necessary strict and constant monitoring of his condition, regular blood tests and so on.

Effective treatment of rheumatism of the heart is impossible without physical therapy. Use mud baths, healing waters, ultraviolet irradiation, electrophoresis. It happens that because of the illness of the patient for a long time forced to be in bed, then he prescribed a massage to improve blood circulation and relieve inflammation of the joints that accompanies rheumatism of the heart.

To the prevention of rheumatism of the heart include measures to strengthen the immune system: the fresh air, full of healthy food, exercise. Also very important is the timely and proper treatment of any respiratory infections, especially children. Familiar to all a sore throat could trigger serious complication of the heart, if it is not fully cured.

Remember that any bacterial infection is a challenge for the body. It can have severe and unpredictable consequences for the functioning of the entire body, including the heart. In time heal yourself and take care of the health of their children.