What to do with skin problems in summer: advice beauticians

Oily skin, inflamed acne and clogged pores in the summer bring even more trouble. Problematic oily skin, acne, seborrhea and other disorders of sebaceous glands under the sunlight can emerge even stronger. Therefore, in hot season is more important than ever to avoid the negative for skin factors.

Ultraviolet light is the biggest enemy of skin problem

In the summer take care to protect faces from the sun’s rays should not only the owners of dry skin. The widespread belief that the sun will help get rid of excessive oily skin and “dry” spots, is quite wrong. On the contrary, prolonged exposure to the sun will further strengthen the sebaceous glands and lead to blockage of their ducts. In the end, the bactericidal properties of sebaceous secretion is suppressed, creating favorable conditions for the development of bacterial infection. The result – there are new acne and existing acne become inflamed even more.

Therefore, the use of sunscreens in summer for all skin types. For oily and problem skin in summer, it is also important to use a moisturizer. They should not be oils because they increase Shine and contribute to acne. Not worth it in case of oily skin, acne (acne), seborrhea, etc. use oily creams and natural oils (coconut, sesame, etc.) in pure form. Because in a medium containing fat, bacteria multiply much faster.

As “dry” skin correctly

In the hot season beauticians suggest to minimize all of the procedures that could unnecessarily injure the skin: a variety of deep peelings, laser polishing, mechanical cleaning of the face, etc. the Perfect means of rejuvenation and the “drying” problem skin, both in the salon and at home, is the method darsonvalization.

Darsonval device is a device that plugs into the wall socket and sends the electric impulses to the skin surface. Portable darsonval device has several nozzles, for skin, for hair, for effects on individual acne, stagnant spots or scars on the skin.

What darsonvalization: indications and contraindications

Method darsonvalization is an alternative to mechanical cleaning of the face. Besides using the d’arsonval can not only remove the irritation of the skin, “drying out” the pimples and reduce the excessive secretion of fat, and smooth out wrinkles and improve skin elasticity and skin tone. Before buying the apparatus, and independently of its use, is to consult with a dermatologist or physician because darsonvalization there are a number of contraindications, such as:

  • disorders with blood clotting, heart disease and blood vessels
  • pregnancy
  • individual intolerance of electric current
  • infectious diseases
  • malignant tumors
  • rosacea of the face (close red veins), etc.