Who is at risk of becoming an alcoholic: what caused the affection to alcohol

Alcoholism is a disease to which man comes under the influence of a number of factors. But somehow, despite the same conditions of life, stress, busyness at work, some people don’t drink too much, and others become alcoholics. Drug experts say that alcoholism, like any illness, there is a risk and predisposing to disease factors.

Alcoholism and heredity: is there a connection?

Medical research suggests that more than 60% of alcoholics-children also are linked to alcohol. However, at the same time, no one study is not 100% proven that alcohol dependence assigned exclusively by heredity. So, from parent to child is not a “gene for alcoholism”, and a number of factors.

This particular structure of the brain, blood, psychological and emotional characteristics that contribute to the development of alcoholism. The most important factor is the environment in the family where brought up child and his parents constantly drink alcohol. Greater risk of becoming alcoholics, those children whose mother or father abuse alcohol. And, the smaller the degree of relationship with the alcoholic and his family (for example – drinking brother, grandfather, aunt, etc.), the lower the risk of inheritance of attachment to alcoholic beverages.

Stress, depression and bad habits

Under addictions includes not only Smoking, but passive way of life, when watching TV “beer” prevails over sports or physical recreation without alcohol. But, as emphasized drug treatment, that Smoking greatly increases the risk of addiction to alcohol. So, 90% of alcoholics are also heavy smokers. If the person has not become an alcoholic, but drink alcohol every day and also smokes, he risks even more attached to alcohol. Because at each new dose of nicotine the brain produces the impulse team to take alcohol.

Also contributes to addiction to alcohol depressive States, especially conflicts within the family. Moreover, men often try to drown out the depression with alcohol than women, and thus more susceptible to alcoholism. However, women are more likely to develop depression in such cases. The desire to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, etc. of alcohol in people with weak willpower, the nature of the psyche (think of the genetic factor), etc. can end alcoholism.

Complexes, problems and alcohol: what to do?

To the abuse of alcohol can lead to neurosis as due to the development of inferiority complex and because of giperatidnosti and makeovers. Often develop an inferiority complex in children and adolescents, deprived of parental attention, love and understanding. Conversely, successful people who are accustomed to first be broken due to fatigue or not justify another of the hopes of the relatives, loved ones, etc.

Alcohol is an easy way to forget insults, to relax, but insidious and leads to alcoholism. Stress, unfavorable climate and the differences in the family etc. will help to overcome the psychologists, the support of friends, relaxation and activity – sports, yoga, dancing, swimming, etc. If the person is already involved and he can not “jump” to alcohol, that without help he can not do. It is therefore important not to rely on “self-will” alcoholism can be cured only at observance of several factors and under the supervision of a specialist. If your husband or wife, brother, friend, daughter, etc. began to abuse alcohol, not abuse them and seek help without delay: modern methods of treatment of alcoholism help the alcoholic without his knowledge.