Why alcohol is bad the sleeping pills and the way to alcoholism

A bottle of beer or a glass of wine before bedtime helps sleep. Really tired after a busy day of work or family quarrels, many practice use of alcohol at night as a sleep aid, thinking that it’s less harmful than pills. First, small amounts of alcohol do help you sleep, but such “therapy” leads not only to insomnia but also generates alcohol dependence.

Why alcohol I want to sleep

The composition of any alcoholic drink contains ethanol, actually, this is the main active ingredient of alcoholic beverages. Ethanol has a reinforcing effect on the substance that is responsible for the processes of inhibition in the body (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and inhibits glutamic acid, which has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. The brain eventually calms down quickly, worse respond to external stimuli and the person falls asleep faster.

However, the glass of alcohol before bedtime as a sleep aid often turns into a headache and feeling “overwhelmed”, the man is clearly not feeling rested. The fact is that after 4-5 hours of sleep ethanol disappears from the blood, in this state, the sleep becomes superficial and people often wakes up. No wonder the drug experts say that alcoholics sleep soundly, but not enough. In the end, alcohol can help fall asleep but not sleep.

Why drink before sleeping forms of alcohol dependence

The higher the dose of alcohol, the stronger dream stronger, but no longer than, respectively – not better. Even if you take a glass of wine before bed daily, then after 3-5 days is a “sleeping pill” will not have an effect. The fact that the body quickly gets used to a small amount of alcohol, it ceases to perceive and to sleep, every time need bigger doses of alcohol that triggered the calming effects of the alcohol. The result is alcohol dependence.

Drug experts say that people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders, become alcoholics in 2 times more often than people without sleep problems, but consume alcoholic beverages. Thus, sleep problems and emotional stresses prompt the person “treated” with alcohol, and the alcohol forms the attachment. It creates a vicious circle from which escape without professional help becomes impossible.

What to do if the person is “hooked” on alcohol?

If you, someone in your family or relatives used to drink a glass before bedtime, a sharp refusal of such “therapy” can lead to further sleep disturbance. The man becomes even more difficult to sleep, even if sleep comes, it is short and quickly interrupted. The result – a man is not getting enough sleep, becomes irritable, is that often there are nightmares… And the hand again reaching for alcohol to again, everything went in circles.

If strong attachment to alcohol has not yet come, support, patience, relaxing environment and treatments – massage, Hiking, non-alcoholic drinks instead of alcohol, etc. will help to refrain from taking alcohol at night and beat insomnia. But guarantee that you all will survive independently and will not break, no. So after the cancellation of the acceptance of alcohol improved sleep and person has ceased to be irritable, it will take time. Therefore, the help of a specialist will help save you from unnecessary conflicts and ensure the success of recovery.