Why dry and scaly skin especially winter care

Winter skin problems occur even in healthy people. The main reason for this low relative humidity of cold air and windy weather. Also in the cold season, low temperatures combined with improper care of the skin, or even lack of it can cause various problems. Particularly affected and require complex care in winter dry skin type.

Signs of dry skin

Each of us has their own skin type: dry, oily or mixed. Skin type can change with age under the influence of various factors. Often causes the development of excessive dryness of the skin with various chronic diseases, the pathological state of the body, the wrong skin care, violation of meal break and rest. Excessive dryness of the skin indicate:

  • a feeling of tightness of the skin on the face and hands
  • small narrow pores
  • peeling certain areas of the skin
  • frequently occurring of irritation, rashes
  • cracks of the skin

What factors increase dryness of the skin

Strengthen dry skin can not only frost and wind. If you have dry skin, some of the habits and actions can aggravate the situation. Namely:

  • dry air in the room where the person is a long time
  • the habit of Smoking
  • frequent tea and coffee more than 3 cups a day
  • diet and unbalanced diet
  • hormonal disruptions in the body
  • not drinking enough water
  • a deficiency of vitamins A and E
  • skin and allergic diseases
  • a stressful situation
  • treatment with antibiotics and other medicines
  • excessive hot baths, showers and cleaning products.

What are the dangers of drying out the skin

Dryness and peeling of the skin leads to the fact that on its surface produces tiny cracks. Such microcracks be the gateway for bacteria and dirt. In the end, inflammatory reactions, allergies, can develop skin diseases. Dry skin can cause itching, so people, in the desire to scratch the itchy area can not only cause infection but also injure the skin. In medicine there is such term as “scratch”: it is the injury or defect that formed due to scratching the skin.

Features of skin care in winter

Itself dry by nature skin needs more care than oily and combination skin. But, before you rush to put on your skin more nourishing masks, creams and lotions, it is important to visit a specialist: dermatologist or physician. Any excessive skin dryness is a medical problem and not cosmetic in nature.

In General, to avoid excessive skin dryness in cold weather, dermatologists advise to pay attention not only to use more nourishing creams and masks. Important:

  • apply a nourishing and protective cream before going out no later than 40 minutes
  • do not forget to moisturize your face and body after showering. In the dry type of skin especially good for moisturizing the skin, natural (but not essential) oils – coconut, sesame, etc.
  • do not use if you have dry or flaky skin means lanolin and strong flavors
  • clean the skin in a sparing mode: water should not be hot (not above 27 to 30 degrees) with soap or shower gel, try to use not more than 1 time a day if you are unable to exclude them.

Such hygiene products wash off with the skin natural moisturizing ingredients. Enough every day to wash with soap or gel private parts, hands and feet. Skin instead of soap can cleanse tonic or makeup remover according to your skin type.

Reduce dryness and flaking of the skin will also help:

  • the use of a humidifier if necessary
  • vitamins or herbal remedies
  • wearing clothes and using linen made from natural fabrics
  • stress relieving activities such as massage, meditation, yoga, psychotherapy etc.
  • the use of gloves, hoodies, scarves and hats – don’t neglect them when the wind is strong and cold.