Why electrified hair in winter and how to prevent it?

Static – y hair problem to be solved by not leaving anything of science, and not sounding the alarm. But it brings discomfort, discomfort and insecurity. And in the life of a modern woman such phenomena are not desirable.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Should make a minimum of effort, and you’ll be able to have spectacular hair smooth and healthy hair.

Reasons why hair electrified (magnetized)

Reasons for this phenomenon are many. The main ones:

  • frequent friction between the hair and synthetic materials and results in a buildup of static electricity;
  • being in a room with dry air, and in winter it is almost everywhere, because any ways of heating the dried air;
  • frequent use of Hairdryer and other appliances for styling hair;
  • fatigue hair after dyeing or perming.

General tips

Tips can be divided into two groups: those that will help to prevent electrification of the hair and the ones that will help solve the problem if it already is. If you stick to the recommendations and in my experience to find those that are right for you, then the problem can be avoided.

Tips that will prevent static electricity in your hair:

  • Use comb of natural material. Better suited for this wood product. Avoid plastic combs, often they cause a problem.
  • Try to dry hair naturally. If this is not possible, buy a dryer with the effect of ionization.
  • Wear hats made of natural fabrics.
  • Hide hair in the winter from snow and low temperature, it becomes dry and brittle. If your hair is long, and you don’t like to wear a hat, roll it and place it under a sweater.
  • Strengthen efforts to hair care.

Thanks for implementing these tips you will forget that you represent the magnetized locks.

Tips that will help to normalize the condition of the hair:

  • Get a special anti-static agent which will help in emergency situations.
  • If it’s not, try to sprinkle the hair with mineral water.
  • As a stabilizing means also can act as an ordinary beer or water them with diluted lemon juice.
  • On a wooden comb drop of lavender essential oil and comb the hair.
  • If the situation is critical, use the heat of his breath. To do this, bring your palms to your mouth and exhale deeply. The hands will become wet and you will be able at some time to tweak the styling.

Care beautiful curls must begin with the proper selection of shampoo. It needs to match your type of hair and contain natural ingredients. Without a variety of chemical constituents to find the remedy will be difficult, but it should contain at least half of the natural substances. Take care of hydration and nutrition of hair. To do this, use different lotions, masks, etc.

There are many recipes of the foods, fruits and vegetables that can hydrate your hair, giving it Shine and health. The main ingredients in these treatments are oils: coconut, linseed, burdock, olive, recieve. As well as essential oil almond seed, tea tree, fir, etc. So after using homemade masks hair is oily, rinse them with water in which you added lemon juice.

The electrification of hair is a common problem, but it can be overcome, adhering to the simple guidelines. Take care of the health of your hair and it will thank you with beauty and Shine.