Why is a sore lower back from fatigue to the disease

The lumbar region is experiencing heavy loads and very often damaged. According to medical statistics, pain in lower back in second place among the complaints of patients after common cold and SARS. Lower back pain might be caused by stress and severe physical activity, or maybe the problem is in the spine, kidney, and even in gynecology.

Lifestyle and habits – provocateurs back pain

Pain in the lower back due to the fact that this region performs a lot of active movements. Incorrect posture, a sedentary lifestyle, the habit of sitting incorrectly, carrying heavy loads and our other everyday habits can cause back pain, including lower back. To pain syndrome lead pushing, lifting weights (the same incorrect workouts in the gym with heavy weights), long sitting and standing.

Continuous carrying of bags or backpacks on one shoulder will eventually cause lower back pain. Our spine especially in the lumbar region is experiencing a huge load. But if your weight is far from the norm or you have obesity, then the load is increased even more. If you are healthy, regular physical activity, maintenance of body weight in normal, comfortable shoes and clothing, correct posture during work, etc. will help to avoid back pain.

What is sciatica, which say with pain in the lower back

Often pain in the lower back is a reaction to irritation or inflammation of the nerves in the area of the cross caused by pathological processes, the so-called sciatica. Pain can cause degenerative changes in the spine that cause low back pain. Depending on the cause of the pain, with laboratory diagnosis to make an accurate diagnosis. It may be a protrusion or disc herniation, displacement of the vertebrae, metabolic disorders and the shortage of calcium and vitamins, hyperextension or hypothermia ligaments, injuries, etc.

The pain may be acute (shooting, tugging, until the numbness in the feet), or chronic, when pain tolerance herpes or any other kind of lasts for weeks, then appearing, disappearing. To give the lower back can pain inflammation when located near nerves (sciatic, for example) the muscles and organs. So, in diseases of the kidney felt pain in the lower back. A number of gynecological diseases can manifest pain, radiating to the lower back. Therefore, if back pain does not pass more than two days – you need to see a specialist. Depending on the cause of the pain, treatment will deal with the spine or a neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, perhaps a urologist or gynecologist, etc.

Diagnosis, treatment and myths about back pain

To identify the cause of pain in the lower back, the doctor will not only listen to complaints, will examine the spine, but will also set to undergo x-rays, CT scans or other tests if necessary. The treatment will be complex, if the problem is in the spine and nerve fibres, you will need medical treatment, physio – and manual therapy, therapeutic exercise. The view that pain in the lower back need to lie down and to move less – wrong. Of course, without knowing the reason load sick. But after diagnosis to strengthen the back muscles and abdominals is assigned physiotherapy.

An orthopedic mattress or pillow, wearing a corset, using massagers is prevention, not treatment of existing problems. If there’s inflammation in the nerve endings or displaced vertebra, such measures will not help. Many are afraid of surgery as the only treatment. However, surgical intervention is resorted to only in severe cases. Timely care-seeking for pain in lower back in most cases will help to manage and physical therapy.