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Why the abdominals and how to strengthen abdominal muscles?

Gained during the winter the fat deposits often accumulate on the waist and hips. On the eve of spring many of us go on diets, start running hard and crunches in pursuit of a thin waist and flat stomach with the coveted “cubes”. But not everyone understands how to do exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles: in the end, the waist size is not decreasing but increasing even more.

Muscle the press: what is it and why is it needed?

Abs is not a muscle group, one muscle of the abdomen (rectus abdominis), which originates in the lower part of the chest and extends to the pelvic girdle. The appearance of the six coveted blocks we can achieve with the help of tendons (vertical and horizontal), which creates a kind of dividing line.

Special exercises for training the abdominals help to strengthen the very muscles to make the stomach more flat and attractive, improve posture and thereby help the spine. Starting to swing a press, ask yourself what it is you want to achieve? Overall improvement of physical fitness and Wellness, a flat stomach with relief cubes or just to get into your favorite jeans?

Why the exercises for the abs, the stomach is not reduced?

If the fat on your waist is more than 2-3 cm, it came only to the exercises for the muscles and tendons, you will not achieve anything. Initially, you need to remove the excess fatty tissue in the abdomen – this will require a balanced proper diet plus physical activity. Rigid diet will only undermine your health, it is important to abandon the fast carbohydrates and fatty food (fast food, fried potatoes, fatty meat, sweets, pastries, etc.) and increase physical activity.

If you’re not friends with sports and physical activity can hurt you: start eating more vegetables, fruits, protein foods, and to start walking instead of the Elevator use, transportation, etc. Want quick results will turn for help to a nutritionist and a fitness coach. Optimal to create a visible bump on the belly is the thickness of body fat not more than 1-1,5 see

How to keep stomach muscles in shape

If your goal (at least for now) is not participating in the contest bodybuilders or miss-bikini, to bring the waist back to normal and maintain your stomach muscles in good shape is important not only “classic” swing press, but a number of other exercises. The view that bigger is better, wrong. Press muscle, like your biceps or back muscles need to build and not to overextend.The rectus abdominis is relatively flat, besides the tightened tendons. Therefore, when performing exercises at the press the number of repetitions should be increased gradually. If you start to train daily and to wear, the time to recovery and regeneration of muscles will not be enough. Not necessary to load the press more than 3 times a week.

What are the main mistakes are made during the bench press

A good effect can be achieved by using the abdominal bench but not everyone at home has it and not all go to the gym. To replace the bench can be through exercise, “crunchy”, but it is important to pay attention to the back (the back should be rounded) and lower back (at first you can ask someone to support you for the back).

For beginners it is hard to do the exercises lying on a flat surface: it is important to file the pelvis forward and pull your knees to your chest. Otherwise you are more trained not press, and hip joints. Do not exercise on a full stomach (not earlier than 2 hours after a meal), but if there is any health problems, before active consult your health care practitioner.