Why the prescribed ultrasound examination of the male reproductive system

Ultrasound is a diagnostic method using ultrasound during which the technician using a special sensor scans of the kidney, prostate and bladder in order to identify possible pathology. To conduct the full ultrasound (diagnostic ultrasound) of the prostate and of the scrotum with the aim of prevention of diseases of the sexual sphere needs every man who crosses forty years of age line.

Factors affecting men’s health

On men’s health is negatively affected by many factors, such as frequent hypothermia, infectious diseases and inflammatory processes, tumors, reducing the frequency of sexual contacts and the quality of sexual life. The doctor may suspect disorders of the prostate even when palpation (digital examination), but more often there is a need for US, as this diagnosis is a more informative source on the condition of the organs of the male genitourinary system.

When the man recommended ultrasound of the reproductive system

To send a man on ultrasound of the reproductive system andrologist or urologist may as in the case of preventive examinations, and the presence of any symptoms indicating the violation of men’s health. So, ultrasound is indicated for difficulties during urination, the feeling of partial exemption of the bladder, discomfort or pain in the sacrum or perineum. Also ultrasound is appointed in the event of problems with sexual life associated with potency, inability to conceive, etc. UZD male reproductive system, allows to determine:

  • Inflammation and inflammation of the testes and the appendages of the testis
  • Varicose veins of the spermatic cord, twisted cord
  • Tumors and neoplasms
  • BPH, prostatitis
  • Trauma to the genitals
  • Infertility
  • Hydrocele, etc.

How is ultrasound of the male reproductive system

When assigning an ultrasound of the reproductive system, kidneys and bladder, the doctor will determine the most effective way to diagnose because the training for each method differ. First, transrectal diagnosis method provides for the introduction of the ultrasonic sensor directly into the rectum, this method allows to get as close to the prostate and provides the most accurate diagnostic results. Using the transabdominal method, the technician scans the suprapubic region using a sensor, swiping it over the surface of the skin of the abdomen.

Preparing for a transrectal method requires to follow a diet for 3 days prior to the survey, the purpose of this power is to avoid high gas and normalize peristalsis. Before transrectal ultrasound is performed enema, and on the day of diagnosis should not take food. Preparing for the transabdominal method is much simpler: ultrasound performed at full bladder before the study the patient should feel a mild urge to urinate, so about an hour before diagnosis, men need to drink about a liter of clean water. Choose the clinic for the ultrasound of the reproductive system will help the public register of medical institutions of Ukraine: if to choose the clinic difficult, You can seek free help from our experts.