With health benefits: how to spend the rest of your holidays

Christmas parties, visits to relatives behind, and there is still 5 days of vacation. As a student to spend one last weekend with maximum health benefits? After the first week, most students were busy pre-Christmas shopping with your parents, sleep until lunch, with the result that the usual mode was off.

Not all left for winter break to ski, or bask in the sun. Therefore, parents a good idea used to take care of their children doing something more useful and healthy than “hang” in the gadgets.

It is important to unload the nervous system

In the winter the children get tired of studying the most: impact of mental load, short daylight hours, a short stay in the fresh air. More other students of apathy, abrupt mood changes, low physical activity in connection with fatigue are suffering younger students. In adolescents emotional tension can be expressed aggression. Therefore for children it is important adequate sleep: at least 8-10 hours. On vacation they have enough time to sleep.

During the holidays it is important to relieve the child’s brain to rest from any information processing that makes the brain work hard. Therefore, the Internet and TV should be minimized. Many parents are satisfied that their child spend hours quietly sitting in his room with the tablet: from the things not distracting, not naughty, no demands. But then the student starts with learning problems, health and even perception of the real world. Adults no less than children love to spend time watching television or on social networks.It is hard for the child to defer the gadget and go out with friends to go sledding down the hills, if he whole day sitting at the computer. It is therefore important by example to cause the child’s interest in sports, active recreation and healthy eating.

More movement and fresh air

Winter is a great reason to go skiing, sledding and ice skating. Rinks in the open air, and special ice rinks today in the land of plenty: so everyone can find a variant according to personal preferences and budget. Tomorrow in Ukraine is expected cold snap, and for Christmas in most regions, snowfall. Therefore, for parents and children of all ages will have a great opportunity to make a ski trip. Here novice user, don’t really have to look for a hill abruptly and swing down, risking injury. Enough to make a ski walk in the snowy Park or woods. The skiing strengthens the muscular system, particularly favorably acting on the pelvic muscles. Also skiing will improve the respiratory and circulatory systems.

If your child loves skating, that’s great too, make him company. No skates, and have a sled or “tablet” for skiing the mountains? Great, why not to remember your childhood and not to ride with his son or daughter? Here will be useful to favorite gadgets to make fun photos and then arrange a family viewing for a festive dinner.

To help parents at home – always

Vacation is relaxation time, not aimless lying on the sofa. Therefore, students, especially older ones, having more free time can help with household chores much more during holidays. Than earlier the child will have a sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions, the less problems in the future and he, and the parents. Water the flowers, wash the dishes, to vacuum, to go shopping – give your child a choice, than he can help. Can all together make a list of the distribution of household responsibilities.

How to awaken the child’s desire to be a member of the family if he doesn’t want? There are several ways:

– if the student has not fulfilled its mandated task, we will apply “sanctions”
– discuss in advance with the child what to expect for failure to comply with orders. Then the punishment will not be for him “surprise”
– ask the child for help. Don’t force and don’t raise your voice. Let us Express the hope that next time he will help you
– do not remind the child what it needs to perform. He learns not to forget about his responsibilities.
It is important that all family members are together distributed their responsibilities. Every week you can and should change things to children should not create the impression that they gets the heavy or uninteresting work.