Wrinkles: what is the difference and how to preserve youthfulness of skin

The appearance of wrinkles is always associated with aging skin. However, not all wrinkles are due to natural aging of the body. The emergence of new wrinkles is also influenced by a bad environment, bad habits and improper skin care.

What types of wrinkles are

Cosmetologists distinguish three types of wrinkles – facial, age (gravity) and static:

  • static wrinkles are due to excessive dryness and dehydration of the skin. The location of these wrinkles – the forehead and cheeks, often static wrinkles are formed due to the habit of sleeping in one position
  • age wrinkles appear due to the fact that the body slowly produces new cells, the elasticity and firmness of the skin decreases
  • facial wrinkles can appear at a young age in people with features of a mimicry. Such wrinkles in the first place become apparent in the areas of active muscle contractions: on the forehead and between the eyebrows, in the corners under the eyes, near the nasolabial folds.

Why appear early wrinkles

Emotions on the face helps to provide superficial muscles: imagine just how much time the muscles on the face are reduced throughout the day. Habit to wrinkle forehead, squint, frown causes small wrinkles do not have time to “relax” and eventually deepen. On the appearance of early wrinkles is affected by heredity, which is associated with features of skin cells (fibroblasts) to every person they are individual. These cells not only actively involved in muscle contraction, but also in the production of substances that affect the skin’s elasticity is collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid. Also, the appearance of wrinkles is influenced by:

  • frequent and sudden changes in temperature
  • ultraviolet rays
  • a strong wind
  • moist air
  • diabetes mellitus
  • low physical activity
  • Smoking, alcohol
  • constant stress
  • sudden weight loss
  • the lack of vitamins and minerals
  • hormonal disruptions
  • substandard care skin proper care.

How to prolong youthfulness of the skin

Correction in the mode of the day, food and traditional way of life will help to heal the body in General and skin in particular. Really spoils the skin condition Smoking, adding “years” to the exterior. It is equally important to consume less of simple carbohydrates – sweets, cakes, sugar, ice cream and pickles and fast food. Remember to include in the diet vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, nuts, honey, flax seeds.

Stress is one of the main enemies of your skin, so it is important to get rid of stressful situations and not to save in itself negative. A full night’s sleep, spending more time outdoors and be physically active. Don’t forget to properly take care of your skin. An excellent tool from any wrinkles – massage and exercises for the face (hasbinding). They will help to smooth out wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, maintain muscle tone.
In the care of the skin (and body too) keep in mind your skin type.

If you have dry skin, exfoliation should be done not more often 1 time a week, and oily skin on the contrary, clean scrubs 2-3 times a week. Dry skin needs nourishing and moisturizing skin care products, and oily – moisturizing, but not nutritious. Do not forget to wear sunglasses and to put on the skin cream with UF-filters at the exit to the street.

Yoga for face wrinkles

Sport in General and yoga in particular help to look younger. A simple set of yoga for the face will help you smooth out facial wrinkles:

  • smoothes eyebrows, the focus of attention: the forehead. Place the tips of the fingers in the center of the forehead and make the tank movement outward to the edges of the forehead. Repeat 4 times
  • relaxes wrinkles, focus: eyebrows, forehead. Draw eyebrows fingers through the loop and pull them apart towards the outer corners. Hold this position and repeat twice.
  • plump, focus: lips, chin. Put your head back and kiss 10 times “sky”. Do 10 times and repeat the whole cycle two more times
  • elastic jaw line, the focus of attention: the lower lip and chin. Lean your chin on back of hands and try to push it up. Hold for 3 breath cycles, release and repeat.