6 ways to prolong youth

Aging is a law of nature, which for centuries could not accept a man who dreams of eternal youth and unfading beauty.

However, even with a huge range of miraculous cosmetics and the current possibilities of plastic surgery it is clear that to stop the natural process aging can only be slowed down. Moreover, according to medical professionals, to preserve the youth do not have to go to drastic measures – enough to lead a healthy lifestyle.

More to ponder. One of the signs of aging is Alzheimer’s disease – senile dementia, which is clearly evident in forgetfulness. Therefore, the development of memory required constant training for the brain – for example, in the form of classical literature, scientific journals, crosswords, etc. in addition, various studies show that women middle-aged and elderly, which, despite the vision problems, my free time devote to reading, learning foreign languages, needlework, etc., later age.

Conduct meditation and exercise. Below are relevant in our stressful time of illness, a neurosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, have not touched you, experts recommend to find hobby. It is desirable that classes which distract from the everyday hustle and bustle, problems, negative emotions, anxiety was associated with physical activity. Most importantly: exercise, fitness training should be regular and moderate (human capacity and for medical reasons). It is equally important that the selected hobby has brought not only benefits the body but also the joy of the soul: strengthening muscles and the musculoskeletal system must be accompanied by a smile on your face. These two conditions help to actively fight aging both internally and externally.

Take the time to sleep. Doctors call sleep is one of the main drugs used against many ailments. Sleep is a natural human need, which is recuperation (physical and mental), are vital processes, cell renewal. Preferably, for an adult should last at least 8 hours a day, and at night. Only peaceful sleep ensures rest and a fresh, cheerful look.

Balanced diet. An experienced specialist can determine the external condition of the person a number of diseases of internal organs. Because functional disorders of organs and systems of the human body affect his health and appearance. And physical health, and mental state depends on nutrition: some foods contribute to aging (“fast food”, meat, alcohol, etc.) and others – rejuvenation.

To determine exactly which foods are beneficial and harmful for your body will help the blood “HEMOCODE”. In any case, among the recommended products will be antioxidants. Because slow down the ageing process (due to the anti oxidants) and prevents the appearance of tumors (due to the excretion of free radicals) that foods rich in antioxidants, all fruits, vegetables, berries. That is why cosmetologists have brought their formula of youth and beauty: 5 servings of fruits and vegetables plus three servings of whole grains (porridge, seeds or nuts) a day. These gifts of nature rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber, and vegetable oils that nourish, moisturize and promote skin regeneration. In addition, it is important to drink 5-7 glasses of water a day.

The use of natural serums. Cosmetologists believe sunlight is the source of healthy skin and a guarantor of beauty. Because of the lack of sunlight and restructuring of the sebaceous glands in the cold season, most people complain of dryness, flaking, irritation, the appearance of wrinkles. So in winter you should take vitamin D and use of cosmetic products with its content, which will make the skin supple, soft and healthy.

To give up Smoking. Every cigarette smoker lets in your body more than 3 thousands of toxins. Consequently, they inhale air saturated with tobacco-smoke, less oxygen. Therefore, the skin of smoker is usually suffering from oxygen starvation, causing faster aging, fade, looks flabby and vulnerable to external factors and age-related wrinkles.
These easy expert tips will allow you as long as possible with a smile to look at their mirror image and enjoy its beauty to others.


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