A new method of dealing with allergies – molecular diagnostics

Allergic diseases occupy the third place on prevalence of diseases in Ukraine. The doctors forecast that by 2030, every third inhabitant of the country would be bothered by allergic reactions. The main factors that cause allergies are heredity and bad environment, but many people do not attach much importance to the seriousness of the effects from allergies and do not appeal to doctors.

In fact, the sooner this disease is diagnosed and the correct treatment, the less harm to the body, especially children. For the successful treatment of allergic reactions must undergo a detailed diagnosis to know which stimulus is causing the body reaction and how to treat Allergy in each individual case.

What are the main methods of diagnosis of Allergy there are

To identify the allergen (the irritant or the whole group), conducted 2 main analyses: skin tests and a blood test for immunoglobulin E (lgE). In the dermal layer of the patient is injected a small amount of the drug containing the presumed allergen and with inflammatory reaction in human skin allergist (immunologist) makes conclusions about an allergic reaction to a particular stimulus. A blood test for lgE show the presence of antibodies that cause allergic reactions.

But often allergies in humans can cause substances that do not belong to the group of stimuli used in skin samples, or people react to a whole group of stimuli. To understand which biochemical component causes an allergic reaction will help the method of molecular diagnostics.

What is the advantage of molecular diagnosis of Allergy

Method for molecular diagnosis allows us to identify “the same molecule an allergen,” which happens an allergic reaction in humans. Specialist with the help of this technique determines the allergen component that can combine multiple substances that cause reactions in patients with allergies. Therefore, the method of molecular diagnosis of Allergy is the most accurate.

Using this method of diagnosis detail to reveal the type of allergic reaction in humans: monoallelic and/or overlapping allergic. The first type is an allergic reaction to some single irritant, the second is the human body’s response to different allergens. This thoroughly detailed analysis will help to prescribe the most effective therapy, and most importantly – know exactly the “culprits” of allergies and to avoid further contact with allergens.

Advantages of molecular diagnosis in food Allergy

Particularly relevant to this method of diagnosis to detect food allergens because it allows you to accurately identify potentially dangerous foods that cause allergies. Based on this method the doctor can conclude what group (or product specific) is a small danger to people with allergies, what products are the products with high risk and which is very dangerous.

Ignoring the actions of persistent allergens and allergic reactions, without the necessary treatment and avoid contact with the allergen eventually lead to the main complication of Allergy – bronchial asthma. It is therefore important to diagnose allergies and to find out which substances cause a negative reaction from the body. To choose a clinic for molecular diagnosis will help the public register of medical institutions of Ukraine: if you independently choose the medical facility You have trouble, then ask for free help from our experts.