A very dangerous form of cancer – melanoma, is it possible to protect yourself?

Gave you the value of that knowledge is literally some of the main symptoms of the disease helps prevent serious health problems? This is also true for melanoma (skin cancer).

Many diseases have similar symptoms. In the accelerated pace of life, it is often hard to distinguish constant fatigue from lack of sleep or stress and chronic fatigue as a symptom of a serious disease.
But melanoma is much easier. One only has to regularly monitor their moles and to note changes in their appearance. Such simple monitoring can literally save your life.

What changes of moles should be cause for concern?

To remember what to look for when self-examinations, the doctors suggested a catchy acronym: Akord. Each letter of this abbreviation is taken from five main characteristics: asymmetry toParadise, aboutKras, RAsmar, danamika.

A mole (nevus) should have симметрическиt region. If it is divided by a conditional line in half, then the halves must be the same. Normal edge – smooth, and the color should not change. If there was any change, it should motivate the person to visit the doctor. To dangerous manifestations include itching, appearance of redness along the contour, uneven color, bleeding, or peeling.

Who needs to be especially attentive to their mole?

The doctors on the basis of statistics and research found out who are most susceptible to skin cancer. But even if the person is not at risk, this does not mean that he can not track the status of their moles. Oncology is not yet fully understood, so nobody can give guarantees.

On the occurrence of melanoma is affected by sunlight, namely ultraviolet radiation. The world health organization has classified the UV rays of the carcinogen, along with Smoking and arsenic. To completely hide from the sun does not, and is not necessary. You need to avoid the sun during its peak. In summer, this time from 11 to 16 hours a day.

Genetic predisposition to this disease also exist. If you have relatives who have had melanoma you should be especially careful to monitor their moles and at the slightest change to go to the doctor.
Those at risk include people with fair skin. It is the first phototype of the skin. It is unique tan in General is not “taken”, the skin just turns red.

You also need to always be on the lookout for those people who have moles are often susceptible to mechanical stress. They are often in such places, where they often come into contact with clothing, footwear or other objects.

It is important to remember!

So, you should alert such changes with the mole:

  • beginning to grow rapidly;
  • darkening or purchase different colors and shades;
  • covered with cracks;
  • lost elasticity;
  • is causing discomfort.

You should immediately visit a doctor. Early diagnosis can save lives, but later treatment in most cases ends in death.