Alcohol and adolescents: how to prevent attachment to alcohol

The average Ukrainian teen starts playing around alcohol since I was 14. Some try alcohol sooner, some later age, but statistics reveal that the earlier alcohol use begins, both girls and boys. The development of alcoholism, parents often do not notice. Since the first stage of addiction of teenagers to alcohol occur unnoticed. So even if your son or daughter is clever, honors and straight a student and “mother’s joy”, then this article is still for you.

Why teenagers become alcoholics

Every 7-th European teenager daily consumes alcohol. In Ukraine, as noted by the drug treatment, more than 90% of teenage alcoholism develops on the background of dysfunctional relationships in families and low income. But at the same time, 50% of teenagers are addicted to alcohol, grew up in wealthy families where the parents were too busy with career or younger children, and did not pay enough attention to the teenager.

Teenagers are very suggestible, so easy to aggressively promote alcohol advertising, the desire to stand out among friends and to show that he or she is too cool, or to drink alcohol, to be like everyone else. Alcohol, especially light alcoholic drinks available: not every dealer will ask the teen passport. In the end, more older friends to buy alcohol and treat the younger. Perhaps each of us tried alcohol in adolescence, but not everyone becomes an alcoholic. Why?

Alcohol destroys: how to understand what your child has drawn?

Teenagers, who often begin to drink alcohol quickly retracted. Because alcohol in the first place, are rapidly destroying the fragile nervous system, and then the internal organs. A teenager can become an alcoholic in a matter of months. If the family has not encouraged the cult of alcohol, relationships are built on respect and trust, a teenager engaged in favorite business, the urgent need to comfort yourself or to entertain anything, including alcohol, it does not occur. ASIC problems in the family and of parents who drink “a bottle” are the children who are not doing anything and not interested.

Conversely, significant honors and overbooked Teens can not withstand the pressure and start taking alcohol, contact the relevant company “of interest” or to spite their parents. If a teenager is late and you do not see what the condition is and whether the smell of alcohol, then pay attention to his behavior. Drinking teenagers are prone to mood swings from joy and euphoria to depression and discouragement. If night teen showed up drunk, the next day he may be a lot to remember and to behave aggressively.

How to behave parents if you suspect a teenager alcoholism

To avoid the development of alcoholism in teenager will help the exception of the aforementioned factors that shape addiction to alcohol.If you notice changes in behavior of a teenager and also a constant smell of alcohol, it is not necessary to read him lectures, to hurt, to humiliate, that won’t help.

In this case it is important to promptly diagnose and begin a comprehensive treatment: this means not only taking medications and working with psychiatrist and psychologist, but also patient help and support of her family. Treatment of alcoholism in adolescents differs from therapy alcohol dependence in adults. So, whenever you suspect a problem, contact your psychiatrist yourself: he tells you how to behave with your teen and how to start treatment if necessary.

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