“Alcoholic” blackouts: what’s amnestic syndrome

People suffering from alcoholism often have problems with memory. One of the most serious consequences of alcohol abuse is alcoholic amnestic syndrome.A person develops a persistent memory disorders on current events, which significantly spoils the quality of life both to the drinker and is a difficult test for his loved ones.

As expressed by amnesic syndrome in alcoholism

Heavy drinker denies as his attachment to alcohol, and memory loss. He not only agrees with their illness, but forgets that constantly forgets everything and remembers events. Such a person is difficult to remember what day it is, the content you just read text or what he ate for Breakfast. To bring such a person to others is very difficult: the patient has no self-criticism, negative emotions, but sometimes he suddenly switches and becomes cheerful and carefree.

In the end, the true memories of such a person are replaced with made-up stories, often they the role of the alcoholic is too exaggerated. So don’t be surprised if the patient alcoholism person will tell you that communicated with aliens, or saved the planet from aliens, he really believes it.

For amnestic syndrome when alkogolizma

Amnestic syndrome starts suddenly for the patient and his family: the disease is chronic and progresses rapidly. Most strongly affected verbal memory and remembering current events. In addition to memory problems of the person concerned:

  • itching of the skin, dizziness, sleep disturbances
  • cramps and numbness of limbs, sensation of tingling on the skin
  • weight loss and loss of appetite
  • gradual biological properties of interest.

This condition is a consequence of brain damage during prolonged exposure to alcohol, which affects the disorders in the nervous system.

Prognosis: what do family

Without the intervention of experts in this condition the alcoholic can take years – up to 15 years. The course of the disease depends on the quantity and quality of alcohol consumed and the support of loved ones. Treatment of alcoholic amnestic syndrome can be successful only in a hospital and only in total abstinence from alcoholic beverages.

To treat this condition is necessary because the brain of a sick person in the absence of treatment and the further use of alcohol will fill in the memory gaps with invented events or random memories. Not to mention destructive to the body the influence of alcohol. If suffering from alcoholism people – the elderly, the absence of treatment will eventually lead to progressive dementia(dementia) within 1-2 years. The next phase of amnestic syndrome alcoholic dementia. It is therefore important and necessary to overcome alcohol addiction as early as possible.


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