Alzheimer’s disease: how to avoid the development of senile dementia?

More than 35 million inhabitants of our planet suffering from senile dementia. The world health organization (who), this figure will steadily increase. Today, September 21 is the international day of disseminating information about Alzheimer’s disease (World Alzheimer’s Day). Organization dedicated to the research of dementia and finding ways to slow dementia, took the initiative to establish a World Alzheimer’s Day in 1994. Risk each of us to get Alzheimer’s and can prevent the development of senile dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease: what is it and what is the danger of dementia

Senile dementia of Alzheimer’s type or Alzheimer’s disease first described by German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer in 1906. The majority of cases are people over 60 years of age, but there are also rare cases of incidence of Alzheimer’s disease at an earlier age. It is at this disease accounts for more than 40% of the incidence of senile dementia. Despite the many modern medical technology, the disease neurodegenerative type to cure completely is not possible. Only possible to adjust the condition of the sick and slow the progression of dementia.

The risk of dementia in the fact that the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are close relatives of the elderly do not pay attention. Forgetfulness, undue anxiety, which show older people attribute their age peculiarities and difficult nature. When the patient senile dementia person begin to show the relatives the frightening symptoms such as hallucinations or inability to move, the disease has already reached late stage.

Signs of dementia and importance of early diagnosis

Alzheimer’s disease is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • manifestation forgetfulness, difficulty remembering events, etc., which are increasingly progressing
  • depression, anxiety, anxiety
  • violation of orientation in space
  • a growing indifference to current events, people.

At a later stage of the disease begin to appear delusions and hallucinations that are characteristic of the gait (shuffling), people cease to recognize loved ones, to move independently. It is important to identify Alzheimer’s at an early stage: people older than 60 years are recommended not to ignore preventive health checkups and, if the specialist recommends an additional examination. The development of senile dementia contributes to excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, lack of intellectual activity and a low level of intelligence, stress and depression, bad habits, long-term chronic disease, a head injury.

How to reduce the risk of developing dementia

Doctors say that specific methods of prevention of senile dementia does not exist. To reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or slow down dementia will help:

  • regular intelligent load
  • avoiding harmful habits – Smoking, alcohol, passive lifestyle
  • control of blood pressure
  • proper nutrition: to improve brain activity to help vegetables, fruits, green tea, sea fish, dairy products, nuts, vegetable oils, especially olive and Flaxseed.