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Artificial insemination – the chance of a childless couple to become parents

The evidence is that every sixth couple in Ukraine is disappointing diagnosis – infertility. Factor infertility can be female, male or joint. Modern reproductive technologies allow many couples who have lost hope of becoming parents to conceive a child. One of the helper methods of artificial insemination is intrauterine insemination insemination of a woman with sperm of a man (husband/partner or donor).

The essence of artificial insemination

The essence of infertility treatment method for intrauterine insemination (IUI) is that specially prepared male sperm is injected directly into the woman’s uterus. In the future, everything is as in normal conception: the sperm must fallopian tubes to reach the egg and fertilize it. The effectiveness of IUI can be from 2% to 40%, and the average is not more than 15%. Advantages of treatment of infertility by the method of VMI lies in the fact that it is closest to natural conception.
There are two types of intrauterine inseminations:

  • with husband’s sperm
  • With donor sperm (in the absence of sperm from the male or if genetic problems).

View of VMI is to pair the most appropriate depends on the performance of the semen of the partner.

In some cases, the recommended artificial insemination

Indications to IUI involving the sperm of the husband or partner of the following:
The man is:

  • subfertile cum
  • ejaculatory-sexual disorders
  • retrograde ejaculatie
  • pathology anatomy of the penis
  • parvisemia (low volume ejaculate)
  • the high viscosity of seminal plasma
  • antisperm antibodies
  • the use of cryopreserved semen


  • infertility unclear origin
  • cervical factor infertility
  • the presence of antisperm antibodies
  • ovulatory dysfunction, is not amenable to therapy
  • allergic to sperm
  • vaginismus.

Insemination with donor sperm may be recommended in the following cases: for men with severe oligoasthenoteratozoospermia and azoospermia. That is, reducing the motility of the sperm, poor morphology and low sperm count in the ejaculate per unit volume. As well as ejaculatory – sexual disorders and unfavorable medico – genetic prognosis. Women oplodotvorenie with donor sperm is carried out more frequently for medical and social reasons (for a women). Insemination is not performed when the obstruction or obstructions of the fallopian tubes. In such cases, offer fertilization in vitro (IVF, IVF).

What is important to know for couples treating infertility

Contraindications to insemination may become somatic and psychological diseases which are contraindications for carrying pregnancy and delivery; congenital malformations or acquired deformations of the uterine cavity, in which no embryo implantation or the pregnancy.Various education – tumor of ovary; benign uterine tumors that require surgical intervention, malignant tumors of any localization, acute inflammatory processes.

Before performing intrauterine insemination and the woman, and the man must undergo a series of examinations: gynecological examination with PAP smears on flora and a Cytology, holding folliculometry and monitoring of ovulation (performed 7-9 days of the menstrual cycle), etc. it is Also necessary that the semen to respond to current requirements. All the nuances regarding the reproductive method expert will tell in a direct appeal to him. Choose the clinic for the IUI will help the public register of medical institutions of Ukraine: if to choose the clinic You have trouble, ask for free help from our experts.