As stress and nervous breakdown to prepare for the New year

Pre-holiday bustle, buying gifts and products, housekeeping can bring to a nervous breakdown or even a heart attack. Particularly at risk to bring themselves up to hysteria or even a heart attack in a festive race – women. How do you get this pre-marathon and not be in a hospital bed? And after the holidays do not experience feelings of frustration and emptiness? To cope with pre-Christmas stress and to happily celebrate the New year will help the advice of psychologists.

It is important to realize and accept his attitude to the holiday

The new year is a traditional holiday and remind myself it will every year, whether you like it or not. Therefore, it is important to calmly reflect and understand whether you want to celebrate or not, what do you expect and do you need all this pre-holiday fuss. You might want to retire away from friends and relatives with a loved one or even alone. Or Vice versa – to convene a noisy company that will run the entire house and your neighbors. It’s your right, so make your choice of format, it will be easier to understand and accept those events that are inevitable when preparing for a feast, a party or trip out of town.

If your family has certain rituals or traditions of New year celebrations, which are important for the whole family, it is better to take care of them in advance. Or clear lines of responsibility, appointing one responsible for monitoring their implementation. Decorate rooms, decorate the tree, cut out snowflakes – it’s all for the children. But the older ones can look after the younger. Another question – who the tree will acquire and install. Solving the issues of preparation for the feast, it is possible to discuss interesting offers and more to feel like a family. But you can quarrel with children – it depends on the upbringing in the family and wisdom of parents.

Summing up the year, don’t reproach yourself

Seeing off the expiring year, we, unwillingly, to summarize their own actions, their results, trying to determine plans for next year and to adjust their goals and objectives. On the one hand, these thoughts help us to be your own Creator of your life and go to the target. But also we involuntarily compare ourselves to more successful friends, colleagues, relatives, feelings of guilt, bad luck and their own worthlessness. Multiply all these experiences in the bustle of buying gifts, food and drinks, festive attire and costumes for children and…holiday no longer want.

Familiar? Then cease and desist with the guilt. The year is already ending, and a week before the new year, you obviously will not have time to learn a foreign language, become a company Director or to lose 10 lbs. Your life is only your life, each of us is unique and can cope with many problems. Think about what will make you happy or happy – maybe half of the plans generally not relevant and it is better to focus next year on implementing a more real and pressing issues. Set goals, deadlines, eating diary. Praise yourself for each step on the way to achieving the goal and encourage, then it will be all right!

How to avoid a heart attack or a nervous breakdown

In the first place at risk by the frequency of heart attacks during the new year holidays people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Especially the elderly: because loving grandparents, after hours of cooking in the kitchen or a shopping trip, can’t wait to spend General cleaning or clearing of snow in front of the house. And then reward yourself with a hearty lunch and alcohol, to relieve stress and fatigue. The result is increased blood pressure, occurs dizziness, weakness, chest pain.

People with diseases of heart and vessels, and each of us good to have a home tonometer – instrument for measuring blood pressure. To monitor its performance and the time to suspect and to prevent a heart attack or a nervous breakdown. Therefore, the elderly, and young in the pre-holiday rush, it is important to pay attention to the signals your own body:

– know the symptoms of stress. It is not only irritability or nervous fatigue. Stress also manifests headache, heartburn, lack of appetite, digestive disorders

– eat and drink alcohol wisely. No need to try to eat all zagotovlen and drink all the alcohol in one new year’s night ahead of Christmas holidays

– often breathe. Take short breaks between cooking, cleaning and Christmas shopping, in which you can comfortably sit down, close your eyes and deeply breathe. Deep breathing activates the relaxation in the body and improve health

– if you feel that you are unable to cope with the panic and growing anger – refer to a specialist. You may really have needed help and maybe just need to help the body with special remedies, or vitamin complexes.

Mentally try to leave all your psychological and physiological illness in the past year and be healthy!