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Beautiful body for the summer: how to start playing sports

The closer the warmer days, the more we dream of a beautiful and healthy body. You’ve decided to get rid of the extra pounds accumulated over the winter, become healthier and more attractive, but don’t know where to start. Especially doubt and anxiety overcome people who never played sports and are not accustomed to active recreation. Then the start to a healthy and beautiful body will help you tips fitness instructors and nutritionists.

First step – assess your health and identify goals

When you last time checkups? Why, many would say, if nothing hurts. However, when it hurts, just impossible sometimes to exercise, all the powers and resources go to treatment and rehabilitation. It is important to know the capabilities of their own body – condition indices of blood, body mass index, the presence or absence of chronic diseases. Therefore, the first step towards a healthy and beautiful body is a visit to a GP or family doctor. Small deviations detected in the validation process of the health indicators are adjusted balanced diet and personalised training.

For example, if you are deficiency of vitamins (hypovitaminosis), anemia (anemia) or high rates of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, then an intense workout can hurt. First you have to adjust the nutrition to fix the problem, starting with light exercise. It is also important to define the objectives: for example, if you just want to lose a few pounds, to begin with the refusal of a number of harmful products and increase physical activity – more frequent walking,- already bring the first results. If you want to build strong, beautiful and healthy body, you have to try.

Make a revision in the kitchen, surrounded by… my head

Check the contents of your fridge and kitchen shelves: if there prevails an ice cream, candy, frozen foods, etc., will have to settle the kitchen with new “tenants” – bread, nuts, fruits and vegetables, frozen chicken breast, etc. Also important is the attitude and support of others: in the first stages of the path to a healthy and beautiful body an important like-minded people who share your views, support and praise for each dropped the extra pounds and not be jealous and to dissuade from training, seducing a trip to McDonald’s.

It is also important to change the tone of your dialogue with yourself: do not blame yourself for failing to stick to a diet or a perfect appearance. If the head get negative thoughts, compensate for every two positive achievements. For example, I done – today ate/ate a salad diet, I drink more pure water and not drinking sweet drinks, today I have been walking up stairs, etc.

Start with easy home workouts

Before you take a gym membership or enroll in yoga, prepare your body at home. To strengthen the muscles and “Wake up” the body will help power simple bodyweight exercises are performed in cycles of 4-5 exercises for 10-15 repetitions, with breaks for 30-60 seconds. For a comprehensive review of all of the muscles it is important to choose one exercise for each body part.

Try to train at least 3 times a week. Each workout should to change exercises, the muscles will gradually adapt to the load, and it will be easier to play. And to improve circulation and increase mobility will help cardio – elementary walk, light jog, Cycling.