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One of the popular cosmetic anti-aging skin treatments have become beauty shots. Mesotherapy, biorevitalization, redermalization – as in all these procedures to understand and why so many of them? Then, to achieve the maximum effect in the fight against wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation and other age-related changes: it is often the specialist uses depending on the skin type, body parts (face, neck, décolleté, etc.) the different techniques and products for rejuvenating treatments.

Let’s see what the redermalization of the skin and how is this procedure different from other beauty shots.

Based on what method of regermanization
The redermalization is called the injection method of regeneration of the skin through formulations based on hyaluronic and succinic acids. Literally translated from Latin, the term means the restoration of the dermis – that is part of the skin located between the epidermis (outer skin layer) and the underlying organs. Redermalization is mostly drug Hyalual?: it is composed of a salt of succinic acid, which have a strong reducing property is the improvement of exchange processes, microcirculation and protein synthesis in the dermis.

Hyaluronic acid is part of our connective, epithelial and nervous tissues, but with age its production slows down. So for beauty shots use synthetic hyaluronic acid: together with amber, these two substances help to accumulate moisture in the tissues, resume the process and to smooth out wrinkles to give the skin freshness and elasticity.

What is the redermalization is different from other beauty shots?
Redermalization is not particularly opposed biorevitalization or mesotherapy. The procedure is performed by a physician dermato-cosmetologist in the clinic of aesthetic cosmetology, etc. Before the procedure, patient anesthesia, after fine needle injected the drug in the most problematic areas on the skin. The procedure on average last about an hour depending on the aesthetic problem uses a technique of introducing the drug into the skin. After the procedure is applied to the skin soothing and moisturizing gel on the face can be formed papules – a small round seal that will disappear within days.

What you need to know before you choose a procedure of rejuvenation
After the first proceduresbenefits a significant rejuvenating effect. When choosing a doctor, dermato-cosmetologist, trust your face and health only well-established institutions. Choose the clinic to conduct regermanization will help the public register of medical institutions of Ukraine: if you independently choose the medical facility You have trouble, then ask for free help from our experts. Redermalization is recommended for any age-related skin changes, but a number of contraindications exist for this procedure: it

  • autoimmune disease and Oncology
  • pregnancy and feeding the baby
  • allergic reactions
  • individual intolerance of drugs on the basis of hyaluronate
  • acute infectious diseases and chronic in the acute stage
  • welcome antikoagulyaim funds.

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