Beware of parasites: how to get rid of worms

In summer, the risk of infection with helminths (worms) increases. Poorly washed fruits and vegetables, dirty hands, contact with animals, rare shish kebab – this is not a complete list of possibilities to get infected by parasites. Modern medicine has many antiparasitic medications, and advertising on each “corner” promises us a quick getting rid of the worms for the whole family with the help of one pill.

However, Parasitologists caution: first, you need to know one hundred percent whether you or your child was infected worms. Second is necessary to identify the species of helminths, of which your own at home to do. And third, to completely get rid of worms, you need integrated right treatment, assign to which can only be a specialist.

How to detect infected worms

Only medicine known to more than 250 of helminth parasites in the human body. Getting into the body through dirty hands, animal hair, bad processed foods through soil, sand, water, etc., some worms attack the liver and gall bladder, others the intestines, the third light, the fourth is located in the soft tissues, etc., Helminthiasis may occur unnoticed for a long time, and in some cases opposite – hard, sharp, until the death of the infected helminths of man.

These facts – the disease, the brightness or blurred symptoms, etc. depend on the type of parasite, his place of “settlement” in the body of the human immune system, duration of the disease. Symptoms of helminthiasis can masquerade as many illnesses. On average, the first signs of infestation appear within a month (sometimes a couple of weeks, sometimes even later) after infection. The main symptoms of worms are:

  • Fever, fever
  • Allergy skin rash
  • Cough, swelling of the face, watery eyes and inflammation of eyes (conjunctivitis)
  • Abdominal pain in the right hypochondrium, diarrhea, or conversely constipation, itching around the anus
  • Reduced immunity, weakness, headaches and dizziness, anemia.
  • Anemia or anemia indicates low hemoglobin (iron containing protein) which will show the General analysis of blood.

Why helminthiasis diagnosis is so important

In addition to the low hemoglobin, suspected helminthiasis possible by increased numbers of eosinophils, a type of white blood cells maturing in the bone marrow. Their level will also show a blood test. If you find that these indicators are not normal, it is important to conduct a more thorough examination. To detect intestinal helminths (the most common is roundworm and pinworms, which are often infected children) analyze the feces (scraping) for pinworms.

Often, however, such analysis is negative. A child or adult in the end turns out to be infected with helminths. The fact that you can confirm the diagnosis only upon detection of the eggs of worms under a microscope. But the same Ascaris will develop eggs no earlier than two and a half month before the eggs of the parasite in the feces of a person to detect will not work. But if people became newly infected with male parasite, a stool sample does not help to detect the bot. Confirm the bot can only a comprehensive examination.

Why self-treatment of helminthiasis is unacceptable

Actively promoted the “universal” tablet from worms for the whole family, bought at a pharmacy on its own initiative, may be just a waste of money. Because, for example, when infected by tape worms they will not help. And harm can easily, since you don’t know the exact dosage and generally not sure in some cases, the bot you have.

If you found the child of pinworms, garlic enemas and other methods of traditional medicine can cause burns of the intestinal mucosa, Allergy and do not get the desired result in the end. Besides the detection of helminth infections from one family member to be tested, necessary for all. Only well-appointed complex parasitologist, or pediatrician therapy after seeking medical attention, laboratory tests, accurate diagnosis, will give the maximum effect.