Binge: what do the relatives of the alcoholic?

Long-lasting drunkenness, as the result of painful dependence on alcohol is the wording of the binge. Booze or dipsomania (obsolete term) – a phenomenon well known to relatives and loved ones of people suffering from alcoholism. In a state of binge includes people who are already in the second or third stages of alcoholism. When an alcoholic enters the state of a binge, which can last from 2-3 days to weeks and even up to 2-3 months, the relatives often don’t know how to act properly.

What happens when you heavily

Alcohol binge is a strong intoxication of an organism, affects all systems and organs. Often binges in people addicted to alcohol, habit leads to hangover in the morning. First, this “treatment” brings relief, but soon leads to a binge of alcoholism.
In the end, the alcoholic has no control over the use of alcohol, to stop himself he can’t. Life begins in a circle: drank alcohol slept – they drank again, and so on. And it will continue as long as the alcoholic will find alcohol or he will give relatives out of pity.

At this time the alcoholic comes a strong weakening of the body, dehydration, increased blood pressure, shaking hands and feet, the heartbeat quickens. A person can be both passive and aggressive. The best I can do relatives to call the psychiatrist at home for removing an alcoholic from a binge or to go to a special clinic. The big problem is that if the patient with alcoholism do not stop to take alcohol – the condition will worsen.

What is the danger of binge drinking: effects of alcohol intoxication

Many relatives of alcoholics attempt to withdraw such a person from binge and fail. First, they do not know how to do, how to behave, and secondly, fear of publicity, often experience financial difficulties or simply drinker im sorry. If you firmly decide not to give an alcoholic alcohol, throw all stocks of alcohol and lock him in a room, such “treatment” can end up being a drinking man run out of the house and drink the alcohol is low quality from poisoning which could die. Or in a state of severe depression out of the window.

So the self can only hold a number of events for the removal of the binge, but to get rid of alcohol addiction it won’t help. Ignore the state of binge dangerous to the health of the alcoholic: he may develop delirium tremens, heart attack or stroke, the body of such a person comes to the strongest physical and mental exhaustion.

How to help to get out of the binge at home

While you are hesitant to seek help from the psychiatrist, you can help the drinker family member the following actions:

  • Make sure that the last intake of alcohol was in the evening. If your an alcoholic already drink alcohol, then “treat” it makes no sense
  • Don’t give him alcohol if the alcoholic is awake and wants to hang. He needs more to drink – water, tea with lemon, pickle juice, berry fruit drinks, etc. At the same time cutting avoidance of alcohol should be accompanied by a complex detoxification of the body (IV, gastric lavage, etc.), what in house conditions it is impossible to achieve. So when you binge that lasts more than a week, you have the option of making beer or light wine provided further withdrawal of the binge, and seeking professional help
  • At the conclusion of the binge, it is important to comply with bed rest, plenty to drink liquids, sleep. Appetite in this case, the alcoholic is not if he will be – it is better to feed him low-fat chicken broth. If he gets better, continue in the same spirit, but not encouraging: to get rid of alcoholism if you start drinking, it is impossible.